Friday, August 19, 2016

Flashback Friday: My Baby Goes To School!

Aug 1996:
The previous year, little S had protested loudly every time we dropped off K to his Mother's Day Out program, since she would head over to the blocks and play with the other kids while I spoke to the teacher and made sure K was okay.

When I signed K up for his final year, I discovered S was now eligible for the Green Room, so we decided to go ahead and let her go too.  The first day she was a little teary-eyed, but I reassured her that K was just down the hall and I would be back.  When I picked her up later, she was very happy and looking forward to returning the next week:)  I soon began loving my free Wednesdays!

Got a call from my neighbor, the one who married back in June.  They had moved to a house in Greenwood the previous month, and now W was asking if I'd help her move again.  She and T were splitting up, only 8 weeks after they'd married.  She told me she'd wished she'd  taken my advice back in late May!

Next Month:  House Hunting Again.

Present Day:
My tween has been back in school (middle school-6th grade) for two weeks now, and just learned a valuable lesson about homework.  If he doesn't do it, he loses privileges, such as PE, lunch time, and TV time at home.  Plus, this morning he had to get up early to finish his Math.  Hopefully now he'll realize he needs to do it nightly.

Earlier, he'd indicated he wanted to play percussion, but when Band began, he wanted to play the alto sax.  Weeeelll......the sax is on the missing list.  I thought it was in the basement with the baritone, but it's nowhere to be found down there.  Thankfully, he decided to switch to the baritone!  This, of course, AFTER I found someone willing to let us rent a sax for a month or two....

Phase 6, subsection B was completed yesterday on Secret Project #2!  Hopefully two weeks from today we move onto Phase #7 and I can reveal all:)

I rocked the bar last night at karaoke!  Sang Walk Away by Kelly Clarkson, Express Yourself by Madonna, and Walk The Dinosaur by Was Not Was.  And am a little embarrassed that I just NOW, after 27 years, realize what that song's about!

Have a good weekend!

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