Friday, January 20, 2017

Flashback Friday: Surprise Announcement, A Broken Arm, and A Shared Anniversary....

Jan 1997:
Brief Recap:   My sister came home from Ota, Japan for Christmas, and I had given her a copy of the movie Better Off Dead. When she unwrapped it, she stated that was Chris's favorite movie, prompting the question, "Who's Chris?"

Turns out she worked with his brother, who had introduced her to him via computer, and they chatted regularly.  Chris decided to fly to Indiana to meet my sister in person.

Chris popped the question to my sister on New Year's Eve, and she accepted!  A few days later, my dad, mom, and sister were due to fly to Florida, when my dad slipped on the ice and broke his arm.  He offered his ticket to Chris, who then flew to St. Pete, Fla with my sister and mom.  On Jan 3rd, the decided to go ahead and get married, but Chris's wallet had been stolen, and he had no ID.  So they used her old Florida address for his; secured him a temporary ID for the marriage license; and on Jan 5th after church, Grandma's pastor married them.

While all this was going on, I was spending the 4th with friend T, as well as introducing friend B to my ex AF officer. On the 5th, we went to my SIL's for Christmas with her family.  When we arrived home later that night, my sister called me to tell me their good news, and could we meet them at the airport the next day?

We did, and it turned out my new BIL shared my sense of humor, and we've gotten along quite well ever since.  They've now been married for 20 years, and we still joke about the 'legality' of their unconventional marriage!

On Tuesday, W appeared on our doorstep with breakfast, announcing she'd just come from the airport where she'd put her new hubby on a plane back to Canada; he would start the process to join her in Japan.  We had another lovely visit with her until it was time to return back to Lafayette and get ready for her return to Ota!

I've never told her about the fact we now share an anniversary; Jan 5th 1997 being my 1st anniversary being reunited with T; her wedding day. 

Present Day:
I've spent this past week in Lafayette, since Carla's funeral was on Sunday.  On Monday, Mom and I went to the Retired Teachers Luncheon, and I was able to reconnect with Mrs. Hart, who taught PE, and Mrs. Norman, who was my 11th grade English teacher.  Tuesday, I took Mom to her hair appointment, then to lunch at Steak-n-Shake.  Wed, I had my hair appointment, plus met friend RRW for lunch at McCallister's.  I also went to Hobby Lobby and to Kirkland's, for a new journal and two small cross stitch projects.  Dad's taking me back home today, so I've preposted this.  I also finished watching SE6 of Game of Thrones.

Have a wonderful weekend!  

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