Tuesday, January 3, 2017

January Reading Schedule

2017 is already off to a good start; last month the editor of a local magazine was at our monthly writers meeting, and when I found out he was looking for article ideas, I was cheeky enough to pitch an idea.

My 1st attempt (seen here) was deemed 'too self-promotional', so I sucked up my startled, wounded pride and tried again, this time successful.  It went live yesterday, so check it out here:) 

So what are my monthly goals?
-Give B partial payment for print covers (still yet-to-be-made) Check:)
-Send Kira off to editor with payment  Check:)
-Finish cover request and send off with partial payment
-Order more copies of Hotel (currently sold out)
-Finish Ghost Story
-Add at least 5K words to Heart Song
-Find out where the Crossroads antho stands  Check....sort of....?
-Pack away the Christmas decorations  (check!) and begin hanging pictures and shelving units in my new house. Check:)
-Send some 'pretties' to my SIL (check!) and photograph others for family members  
-Watch SE4 (Check!) and 5 (Check!) of Game of Thrones, plus maybe even 6 (check!), then start on the Classic TV DVDs I've acquired.

Lose another 5 pounds and weather permitting, get out and walk at least 2-3 times per week.

Reading Schedule:
Guilty As Sin:  Edward Klein  Wonderful!!!!
Nurturing That Sparkl by Sandra Sookoo  Very good!  Love the pop culture references!
Martian Chronicles-Ray Bradbury  Good; some were a little scary.
Calmity Jane Goes To College (trying this again)  Finally made it through....bleh.

All That Remains-SM Shade (Book #3)  Finally made it through book #3!  I enjoyed #1 the most.
Betrayal-Aleatha Romig  Wonderful!  Now I need the next one in the series!!!!!
Love, Lies, and Hocus Pocus-Lydia Sherrer  Not too bad; I might enjoy the print version better.
Rattled-Jane Charles  Apparently I've already read this, and enjoyed it!
Lost Pleasures Found-Vicki Vaught  Very good!
My King-Mary Martel  DNF
Cameron's Shocking Christmas Revelation-Vicki McCombie  Cute story!  RR
Unwrapped-Amber Skyze  Turns out I'd already read this one, lol!
Tied Up In Tinsel-Amber Skyze  Good
Once More From The Top-Nan Reinhardt  DRR! OMG....loved this story!!!
Sex and the Widow Miles-NR  RR  Story was in 1st person, but enjoyed it, esp the twist:)
The Summer of Second Chances-NR  DRR  Loved this one!!!
Anything You Want-Madison Sevier  Good story, but left me hanging.
Climbing Her Tower-Elizabeth Black  Wonderful twist on this favorite fairy tale!

Karaoke Songs:
1st week:  Too cold
2nd week:  Sinusitis
3rd week:  Out of town
4th week:  Losing voice/sinusitis
5th week:  Still no voice

Week #1:
Love Potion #9-The Clovers  Not too bad:)
Love Runs Out-One Republic Attempt #1:  Did well until bridge.... #2:  Sang it and posted:)  Moving on....
Love Shack-B-52s  Sang this with Mark and did well!
Love Somebody-Rick Springfield  Nailed it, but ran out of room on phone.  Will redo:)
Week #2:  Out of town
Week #3:  Re-sang Love Runs Out and Love Somebody
Love Stinks-J. Geils Band  Eh, so-so....might sing this again Valentine's Day!
Week #4:  No voice

Hope everyone had a safe and happy New Year, and best wishes for 2017!

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