Friday, January 6, 2017

Flashback Friday:

Jan 1977:
Really don't remember much; I THINK this is when my mom was working on her Master's Thesis, so weekends with Dad became a huge part of our lives.  Dad took us out to eat; roller skating; and best of all, to the movies.  I think we might have seen The Pink Panther Strikes Again and The Shaggy D.A.

I think it was around this same time we found 'Captain Kool and the Kongs' at 11am every Saturday.  We all wanted to SuperChick, and we also acted out Electro Woman and Dyna Girl:)

We were also glued to the TV every night for Roots:)

Next Month:  My BFF's Most Embarrassing Moment!

Present Day:
My laptop has been fixed (again!), and sometime today, MS Word will be reinstalled, after a year's absence!  Turns out daughter knows the guy, and we had a great time talking while he ran scans and showed me how to clean it up every weekend.

Grandkids will be returning home on Sunday; we've actually had a good week with them.  Will also start taking down our Christmas decorations (finally!).

Temps have dropped into the teens, and we finally got snow yesterday morning.  I did NOT go to karaoke last night, opting instead to stay home and watch the 1st two episodes of SE 4 Game of Thrones.

Today, I'm making the final two batches of chocolate chip cookies (finally tally was about 7 doz each of M&M, Choc. Chip, Winter Chip, and Oatmeal Raisin), which should come to about 6-7 dozen.

Sad news for our Class of 1984:  Mr. Skibinski, who taught Math, passed away last week (I had World History with his son Joe, who was a year behind me), and Craig Clifton, whom I last saw at a mini-reunion in 2012, passed away last night.  Apparently, he'd had heart issues the past few years.  Craig was a wonderful guy to be around; full of fun and a great singing voice.  I will always remember him carrying Debbie Fritton's purse at the bar after the reunion, proving that Real Men CAN carry purses!

RIP Craig.


Unknown said...

I have never seen that Travolta movie! *shock gasp* I know I should have it's one of those older movies people reference all the time, but I'm not much of a television/movie watcher in general so one day I might get around to it.

It's been in the negatives where I am yesterday it was -2 degrees outside- there is snow...lots of snow on the ground right now- drifts nearly as tall as me (but I'm short).

Christmas stuff got taken down at the start of the week so it's one thing off my busy plate.
Have a great weekend!

Molly Daniels said...

LOL.....several years ago, my sister gave me a copy of the original movie, so when in my 40's, I finally saw the uncensored version:) We also acquired a 'Movie' comic book of it, which depicted John in his black underwear, so I really didn't miss too much. Just my 11 year-old self chafing to grow up!