Friday, January 27, 2017

Flashback Friday: Shaking The House!

Jan 2007:
Did I mention we were huge Colts fans?  For years we'd watched season after season, joking 1st that Jeff George needed to be traded, since he 'always' seemed to get injured and Jack Trudeou doing all the work, followed by the need to tape Erik Dickerson's paycheck to the ball so he'd hold onto it, then finally, things looked bright for the Ted Marchibroda/Jim Harbaugh years, but once we had our best season, for whatever reason both were let go, and the whining Jim Mora year happened.  "We had so many injuries..."

Finally, the Colts drafted Peyton Manning, and things began to look up.  Yeah, the first few seasons were rough, but we kept getting closer to that elusive championship, esp against the NE Patriots.  But in 2007, our year arrived.

Let me back up a moment and state that our new house we were living in had bouncy floors.  I'd spent a great deal of time packing up all of Mom H's breakables, but I apparently forgot about the ones on the piano.

During the AFC Championship, the Colts finally beat the Pats for the win, and my oldest son, 16 at the time, was so excited at the nail-biting ender (final score:  Colts 38, Pats 34), he jumped up and down yelling, 'Yes!  Yes!  Yes!', and a few things fell off the piano, nearly breaking!

Colts were headed to the Super Bowl against the Chicago Bears!!!

I also worked up the nerve to call or email T and let him know we'd moved.  He seemed delighted by the news, and we met for coffee on our 'anniversary'.  I was thrilled he wasn't upset, since we'd been using the '50 mile rule', and now we'd only be 22 miles apart.

Next Month:  Super Bowl Party!

Present Day:
I'm losing my voice, which doesn't bode well for the weekend.  I'm supposed to sing Sunday first at church, then during a special community choir event.  Plus, our Writer's group is having an impromptu party at my house tomorrow.  Nancy's making Chicago-style pizza; Ben's bringing chips; I'm providing dip and salsa; Dan is (I think!) providing cupcakes.

Plus, I'm finally watching Downton Abbey on DVD!!!!

RIP:  Mary Tyler Moore (Dick Van Dyke Show, MTM Show)
          Mike Connors (Mannix)
          Barbara Hale (Perry Mason; I confess I thought she'd already passed!)

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