Saturday, March 3, 2018

Date Night With The Daughter:)

Three years, three movies.  Can you guess which one?

Daughter:  Let's go see the new *Movie based on the Book Which Shall Not Be Named*.
Me:  Sure; I hope the screenplay is better written/edited than the book!

After watching (with five others in the theater)....
We sat probably center-screen.
Daughter:  I paid $17 for that?
Me:  I liked it!  WOW!  Love the music!!!  But did you notice at times it was if she'd forgotten to wax completely?  Ugh....peach fuzz on legs.
Daughter:  Yeah, I noticed that too.  Ugh.

Daughter:  Mom, the sequel's out....I got my tax refund, so let's go see it.
Me:  Okay:)

During Movie (again, with maybe 5 others in attendance):
We sat in the top row, center-screen.
Daughter:  *drooling over the sight of a shirtless Jamie Dornan doing push ups on a table*
Me:  *trying to fall asleep several times during this booooooring movie!*

After watching:
Daughter:  OMG....that scene.....that scene!  I'm so in love with him!
Me:  Just take me home......

Daughter:  Mom, which time is better for you?
Me:  *sigh*  We might as well finish this tradition....sure, the 10pm show works for me.
Me (to spouse in private):  I wonder if I'll be able to finally snooze through this one, since I tried 3-4 times during the last one?  Thank god I woke up early this morning.

During Movie:
Like the previous times, there were only about 5 other people in the place with us. We sat just behind the handicapped seats, center-screen.  We shared pretzel bites during the Coming Attractions, and decided we need to go see the Jane Fonda/Candice Bergman/Diane Keaten one AND the new Amy Schumer "I Feel Pretty" one coming out!

Onscreen:  C wakes up, notices he's alone in bed.  Goes into kitchen, opens the refrigerator.
A:  Hello.
C (closes fridge and turns around):  I've been looking all over for you!
Me:  In the fridge?
Daughter (giggling):  I know, right?
Me:  OMG....that kitchen!  I want him AND the kitchen!
Daughter:  Same here!

Onscreen:  A smears ice cream over C's chest, then licks it off.
Daughter:  She's doing that waaaay too fast.
Me:  Maybe the director is telling her to speed it up, otherwise it's going to end on the cutting room floor....

Onscreen:  This apparently happens in the same day, b/c A is wearing the same clothing.
A tells a bearded C he needs to shave.  (Previous scene, he was clean-shaven)
Five minutes later, he now has 'scruffy look'.
Me:  Wow, his beard grows fast!
Daughter:  I know.....what the hell was wrong with the beard?
C takes A to new house site.  His scruffy look now looks more like 5 o'clock shadow.
Daughter:  I love that house!
Me:  Me too!  Don't change a thing, other than minor repairs:)

Onscreen:  Clearly in Aspen, Co, and both A and C are in a bubble bath, in front of open window.
Daughter:  OMG....that view of the mountains!
Me:  I know!  (Wow, what does that say about us, not being turned on by the site of two naked people in a bath, but by the sight of the mountains out the window???  LMAO!!)

Onscreen:  A is signing check.
Me:  Did she just sign her maiden name?
Daughter:  I think so.....
But yet, check is cashed???

Onscreen:  A is slapped twice and kicked in stomach.  She still manages to fire a gun while lying on the floor AND hit the kidnapper in the knee.  She wakes up in the hospital and the first thing she does is remove the oxygen tube.  WTH?????
Daughter:  She looks way more banged up than just being smacked twice.
Me:  That's from the multiple takes.  I'd have demanded a stunt double....or blame make up person.

During Credits:
Me:  When was 'Elena's ex-husband' onscreen?
Daughter:  What?
Me (pointing):  See?  I didn't even know he was a character.
Daughter:  Probably someone who just wanted credit for being an extra.
Me:  Wonder if the author of said trilogy was ever an extra in these movies?

After Movie:
Me:  Your favorite scene from #2 was in it!
Daughter:  I know.....too bad it was at the end, though.
Me:  We may actually have to buy this one.  Nice way to wrap it all up.
Daughter:  Yeah, I liked the final scene, with them all together at the new house, and she's pregnant again.
Me:  I also enjoyed the music in this one better than #2.  I enjoyed being with you tonight.
Daughter:  Yeah, it was fun.  Thanks for going with me, Mom.

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