Saturday, March 3, 2018

Reality TV Catch Up

I thought I was going to keep up with Amazing Race, Ink Master, and Celebrity BB, but I didn't realize BB was going to air four nights a week.  Plus, with being gone and having to watch some episodes online or waiting until I returned, it was easier to simply skip the Saturday posts.  So here are the observations, short version:

Amazing Race:
I was extremely disappointed in several teams.

Team Ocean:  They were doing well, until a lost passport caused them to be twelve hours behind the other teams, once they arrived in Thailand.  Good effort, but also a good lesson for the reason you hang onto your passport, AND the red tape of getting a replacement!

Team Indy:  They missed being in the top 3 by one stupid sign clue, which they were standing in front of, and didn't recognize it.  Team Yale had tried to help them, but with Team BB on their heels, they couldn't be specific about it.  Phil had to come find them.  Still, very happy about their success to Final Four.

Team Yale:  Henry is probably kicking himself.  It was down to him, Jen, and Jess for the final challenge, and Henry had the plane assembled correctly, but second-guessed himself, swapped out one piece, and had to redo it.  Had he called for the check 1st, Team Yale would have won.

Team X-Treme:  That final airplane puzzle did Jen in.  She didn't understand what she was doing wrong.

Team BB:  Ugh.  Jess finally figured it out after 10 or 12 tries and was able to push her assembled airplane to the finish line.  I will admit, Cody was a beast at many of the challenges, while Jess whined her way through several, even getting snarky on two legs.  I soooo wanted BB to come in 2nd or 3rd!!!

Celebrity BB:
I was soooooooooo happy when that b**ch was voted out of the house!  For one thing, I have asthma, and her fake attempts drove me crazy!!  If you're having an attack, and you start talking in a long-winded rant, you don't suddenly pause and *cough cough*, you start coughing uncontrollably!!  Take it from one who coughs a LOT!

I had an eye-roll moment when Ross thanked Julie for the 'Full BB Experience' when slop was finally introduced.  Ummmm.....wait a minute.  If you wanted the Full Monty.....
     -Your season would have lasted 3 months, not one;
     -Slop would have been a punishment on Day #3;
     -Someone would have been a Have Not starting on Day #3;
     -Challenges would have been a little harder;
     -OTEV, and the Soap Slide would have been played;
     -I doubt alcohol would have flowed that freely;
     -There would have been 16 of you, not simply 11.

Marissa won, which earned her a 'meh' from me.....the only thing she did was align herself with Ross, and won a challenge when it counted.  There were 6 women and only 5 men, and all the women wanted a female to win BB.  Ross didn't stand a chance.

James....omg.....he's gorgeous!  I sooooooo wanted him to go farther in the game, and make it to the final two!!!  I was very impressed when he finally had enough of Brandy's bitchiness and told her a civilized manner!

Mark.....didn't do a great deal, other than quietly sit back and let the drama queens sink their own boats. that woman an alcoholic?

Keisha.....OMG woman....cut the cord!  My first thought when you said you were breast-feeding was why in the WORLD did you agree to do this?  Then when I found out your child is a YEAR OLD.....for god's sake, it's time to wean her!!  She can't stay attached to you forever!

Ink Master:
Still going on.  Teams are getting whittled down.

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