Friday, March 9, 2018

Flashback Friday

February 1978:
The only thing I remember is enjoying the deep snow, plus sledding at a friend's house on her new saucer....we used her front yard instead of the driveway, and again, everything went fine until we both hit a tree or two.  No serious injuries, but it caused us to re-think our sled path!

March 1978:
I don't remember when we got our first black lab/shepherd mix Pepper, but he begins showing up in pictures this month.  I do remember the night Mom brought home the cats Gus (gray longhair) and Morgan (Main Coon longhair)....she'd been at a late evening meeting, and I woke up to the sound of meowing.  I climbed out of bed and was excited by the sight of one feline prowling the living room and my mom opening the door with another indignant feline in her arms!

She wasn't sure how my dad was going to react to the new pets; someone at the meeting needed to get rid of both cats, and my mom had offered.

Gus was the friendlier of the pair, but the job of cleaning up his hairballs soon fell on me, a job I hated.  I managed to win Morgan over eventually, even getting her to purr.  She liked to climb on the top of my shelves, and do the 'let's-give-my-owner-a-heart-attack-and-move-around-her-breakables-without-knocking-anything-off' trick.  I held my breath one more than one occasion, fearful that my antique liquor bottle was about to be smashed! 

Hindsight:  I don't know whatever happened to that bottle....maybe it disappeared when I went off to college???

My piano lessons continued to go well, and even my music teacher took note that I was picking out songs on the piano during Girl Scout Fly Up practice.

I also think this was the month I began writing letters to SH and DH, since their birthday is March 17th (St. Patrick's Day).

Next Month:  1st 'Recital'

Present Day:
Getting ready to head back up to Lafayette for Hell Week-er, I mean, being helpful after my dad's surgery!  Dad's surgery is Wed, and has to spend the night.  Thursday afternoon, I have to leave by 3 in order to be back at the middle school for an informative meeting about next year's class trip to DC.  Friday, I'm scheduled to be in Nashville, TN.  Saturday, it's the Wanderlust book signing in Indianapolis.  Really hoping Dad's okay without me until Saturday night.....

Have a great weekend!

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