Thursday, July 5, 2018

July Reading Schedule

We're halfway through the year!  How did I do this month?
-Lose 5 lbs.  Starting at 241  Got down to 138 on 6/22....forgot to get on scale at end of the month.
-Write Ch. 6 of Heart Song Not yet....
-Have fun in Nashville with Granddaughter's Birthday Party  Check:)
-Do well at 1st Friday  Sold 4, so check:)
-Take good care of Open Gallery for 2 weeks  Check:)  Becky may even make this a summer thing:)
-Attend MDQ's baby shower No gas $$, so stayed home.
-Do well at Celebration On Main in Washington  Sold 4:)
-Do well at PrideFest  Sold 4:)
-Do well at Corning Irish Fest Sold 5:)
-Dispose of appliances in Green House Not yet...
-Take sinks and doors to auction Scheduled for July...
-Get OSB out of brown house and start working on carport  Nope
-Dispose of carpets and magazines in Brown House  Nope
-Buy more AU Inventory Nope
-Buy more WHH inventory Check:)  5 more copies ordered/shipped
-Continue working on Earl and Wanda  Nope.

So What DID I Do In June?
I watched the gallery; sold 18 books; ordered 15 more; and spent one week with my parents.  Also spent the day in Louisville with BC Brown and a few members of her family.

After the trip to Louisville, and trying to decapitate myself twice getting into the car, the left side of my neck has bothered me.  I also (slightly) pulled a muscle in my left shoulder, and now washing my hair or putting my hair in a scrunchie aggravates my neck muscles.  I think I need to go see Jen and get an hour long massage.

Books Read:  2
            Print:  1
         E-book:  1

Songs Added To Good List:  10
                                   Thurs:  4
                                        Sat:  6

July Goals:
-Lose 5 pounds  Starting 239 7/5  7/24:  236 AAAK!
-Do well at InConJunction Conference Sold 8:)
-Do well at the Mosey Down Main St Sold 9!!!  Tied my one-day record at a craft fair:)
-Do well at the Gallery Walk  Sold 6!!  Was also invited back any time:)
-Write Ch. 6 of Heart Song
-Finish Tea Pot needlepoint Check:)
-Begin wood embroidery  7/24:  Mountain is beginning to take shape!  7/26:  Finished it!
-Dispose of appliances in Green House
-Take doors and sinks to auction from Brown House
-Get OSB boards out of BH attic and dispose of carpets/mags
-Buy more AU inventory
-Help Mom organize her papers
-Meet new grandson Phoenix, due July 16th  Check:)  He was born July 14th at 3:31 am, weighing in at 6lbs, 9 oz, and 19.5".  In NICU, so all I could 'hold' were his tiny feet, and he held my finger for a few moments:)
-Add words to Earl and Wanda
-Add words to #2 Regrets story

July Reading Schedule:
The Last Juror-John Grisham  DRR!  Loved this!
Airframe-Michael Crichton  RR!  Some of the airplane jargon made my eyes glaze over, and disappointed we don't learn who the 'goons' are, but was impressed that only one death occurred:)
More Stories From Grandma's Attic-Arleta Richardson Enjoyable:)
Great Expectations-Charles Dickens (Children's version)  Bleh.  Was  happy when I finished!

Cowboy Dreamin'-Sandy Sullivan
     -Tempted by The Cowboy Good:)
     -Forever Kind Of Cowboy  Very enjoyable:)
     -Kiss Me Cowboy  Very good:)
     -Cowboy and A Country Song Enjoyed this; only slightly tedious at times.
     -A Cowboy of My Own  Very enjoyable:)

7/5:  Out of town
7/12:  Out of Town
7/19:  Out of Town
7/26:  Out of Town

7/7:  InConJunction Conference
7/14:  Out of Town/Mosey Down Main St
7/21:  Out of Town
7/28:  Out of Town

Thought I'd be home at least SOME TIME in July, but no.....

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