Friday, July 13, 2018

Flashback Friday: Camping In Colorado!

July 1978:
After a week of sleeping in a tent in Ft. Collins, we hit the road.  1st stop was the Denver Capital building, and climbing all the way to the top of the dome, then the excellent chocolate chip cookies in the basement, after touring the Mint. Flourescent Fossils was next, followed by a trip to the Great Sand Dunes, Mesa Verde, and we finished with the Durango-Silverton train ride.  During the entire time, S and I sat side by side; we held hands while at the Denver airport to pick up his dad; he would shake out my napkin and put it on my lap, and even hold the doors for me.

I was upset that we were leaving after the train ride, but we promised to see each other again the following month.

We spent the entire trip that week listening to "You're The One That I Want" and other songs from Grease.  I also (under protest!) wore my headgear whenever we were in the car.

After arriving home, my mom, sister, friend C and one year old P and I left for Florida.  My sister and I spent the first week of vacation at the motel next door to Grandma's apartment complex, and we were thrilled, since its pool had a slide.  We befriended a kid named Andre, who was the grandson of the owners, and we were soon pool-hopping.  I had a terry cloth bikini, and one time went I went off the diving board, my bottoms slid to my knees.  I surfaced at the same time Andre did, choking and laughing.

"I saw your suit fall off!  I saw your suit fall off!"

I confess to actually coming close to sending S a 'dear John' letter, since I was spending so much time with Andre, but reconsidered.

P and C only stayed a week, and entertained the little old ladies at the pool, since they were taking 'Mommy and Me' swimming classes.  At one year, P could hold his breath and swim a short way by himself.  Of course, at first, the ladies had hysterics, thinking a child was drowning, but by the end of the week, they were smiling at his antics.

Next Month:  A Huge Milestone!

Present Day:
I got into the Mosey On Main St in Lafayette!  Made a quick trip home on Wed to take D to the eye dr yesterday morning, and to collect my tables, canopy, and the shipment of Crossroads.  Granddaughter A was induced last night.....the doctor she likes is on call this weekend, so she doesn't want to take a chance on having one of the docs she's not comfortable with delivering Baby Phoenix.  Yeah, I'm rolling my eyes too, but ultimately, it's her decision.

Update On Mom:
I've taken over the duties of getting Mom out of bed in the morning (unless she gets up with Dad) and to bed at night.  We did 'find' her desk this week, so hopefully we'll get to her filing cabinet soon.

Dad and I have been having 'Movie Afternoons', and have watched Ben Hur, Lost Horizens, and Brigadoon.  Next up is Chariots of Fire.

How Did I Do At InConJunction?
Sold 8!  Had a fantastic time and can't wait til next year!

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