Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Life As A Red Vest, Week #9

Day #56:  Memorial Day Up Front
Simon Pagenaud won yesterday's 500 in an exciting finish!  He and Alexander Rossi had battled back and forth the final seven laps, but Rossi was unable to pass him on the final two.  They had red-flagged the race on lap 177, due to a crash involving Graham Rayhal, Zach Veach, Sebastian Bordais, and Charlie Kimball.

Dad left around lap 110, because he was in pain and 'the race was boring'.....both Mom and I said he'd missed the most exciting part, ha ha!

We met Uncle Bill and Will at the Mug-n-Bun and enjoyed a delicious lunch. I stopped at the liquor store and picked up a huge bottle of White Russians for Erica, since Faunia Anne was married on Sat.  Dropped off Faun and Nick's wedding gift (she is now Mrs. Spradlin), and gave E her gift, as the Mother of the Bride needs to decompress after wedding #1, ha ha!

Realized I was running late for work, so called Scott to let him know I'd be 30 minutes or so late.  Erica had given me 2 dozen leftover cupcakes, so dropped them at home 1st before heading into work.  I apparently had just missed the rush, for after I'd clocked in and logged onto Register 13, things were kinda slow.

Robert Goodson kidded me about hiding from him; I told him I'd be back in Lumber in two weeks.

Heard two complaints about Andrew, our Plumbing guy, about not knowing his job.  Cyndee was caught texting at the CS desk, and the customer claimed it was at least 2 minutes before she realized the customer was standing there.  My thought was, why didn't the customer try to get her attention?

I also witnessed an accident before leaving Indy.  I was following a box truck down Ronald Reagan Pkway and we were going through the light at CR 100 S.  I wasn't close behind him, thank god, because all of a sudden, a blue van turned to her left right in front of him.  I hit my brakes; the truck braked and swerved, but still hit her, spinning her toward the curb.  He managed to keep going and pulled over.  I pulled up behind him and called 911.  He got out of his vehicle and I told him I'd seen everything, and was calling it in.  He thanked me, then I got out of the truck to go check on the other driver.

It was a woman with three kids, and everyone seemed to be okay, except the youngest, who was bleeding from a scratch on her arm and complaining of pain in her side.  I heard her tell another witness, "He had no business driving that way!"

I thought, "Lady, YOU'RE the one who turned in front of him!  We had the right of way!"

A man wearing a captain's shirt of the township FD was on the scene, so I turned my phone over to him to talk to the dispatcher.  While I was waiting to get my phone back, the police arrived, as well as a fire truck and ambulance.  The driver of the van's hubby arrived and had to be contained, as he was ready to 'kick the other guy's ass'.

I walked back to the other driver, and a policeman stopped me, to ask my role in everything.  I told him my version, and gave him my contact info, then spoke to the truck driver, who was very thankful I backed up HIS side of the story.

Police told me I could go, so I continued on.

Day 57:  Back in LG!
Got out of the shower and found texts from both Cindy and Adrianna, asking me to come in early.  Called; told A to give me an hour.  Clocked in at 1:41, and was first sent to LG, but they didn't need me, so went back inside.  Worked various registers, then took my 15 min break.  Worked until 5:25, then took my hour lunch break and went over to McAllister's.  Returned, and they put me in LG, where I stayed until close.

The only memorable customer was a woman who had left her cash on the potting soil, but it was gone.

I was in a lot of pain, since I discovered a damn blister on my right heel.  It still hasn't popped.

Off tomorrow, and I get my orthotic!

Day 58:  Up Front!
Arrived at work, only to see a text from Cindy, asking if I'd like to come in early.  Oops!  Wouldn't have taken her up on it anyway, since my foot was in pain.  Took over for Brenda on Reg 9, and things went smoothly until Cindy left for her lunch break.  Luke was acting HC, but when I needed an override, his code wasn't authorized, so had to wait for Scott.  Customer #3 brought up a roll of wire with no bar code; Luke hopped on #10 to ring up the others while the customer went to get the item #, since neither L nor I could find it anywhere!

Cassie arrived from her break and discovered another cashier had gotten a bad phone call and had to leave, so that left C and I as the only ones up front.

HC Cindy arrived back, and things settled back down.....until a couple arrived with a gift card, but neither of their drivers licenses worked.  Turned out the man had used his Michigan license, but switched it to Indiana.  There was nothing I could do, so they voided their order and went to the CS desk.  Cydnee called HC Cindy, who repeated what she'd told me.  Not sure whatever happened after that!

HC Cindy told me the reason some GCs ask for the drivers license is because time has elapsed between the time of getting it and when it's used....maybe rebate GCs.

I barely got the soda coolers stocked and the trash taken out.  Cassie had checked the register tape before leaving at 7, and I know I didn't sweep or clean off the counters!

I also had more customers pay with exact change today than ever before!  Something in the water???

On a good note, I start my new schedule June 17th:)

Here's hoping tomorrow goes well, with no issues!

Day 59:  Front End
Shift began, and all went well.  After I returned from my break at 7, I was told to go relieve Ally in Lumber, and a couple of my regulars were happy to see me, even for only 15 mins!  Loaded Rob Goodson's LAR, rang him up, then took Ally's extra soda's back.  Front was swamped, so both Mgr Brandon and I hopped on registers and helped Mikayla.

Sam Williams 'trapped' me at my register with his scooter; I put my hands on either side of his face and gave him a big ole sloppy kiss on the forehead!

My only CFH tried to use a coupon, but she didn't have the right total, plus had a discounted item.  After explaining all this, HC Cindy rebooted her coupon so she could use it again tomorrow.

Took out the trash, wiped down all the counters, and checked all the register tape.  Cassie had already loaded the soda coolers around 6.

Tomorrow is my long day; I'm working 12-4 in LG, then 5-close in Lumber.  Maybe they'll let me spend the entire day in Lumber?

Management put up a Cashier of the Month board, and when I asked Tasha how they were going to to keep track, she explained we're graded each month on how many LPPs we sell, surveys taken by customers, and other ways I can't remember.  Here's hoping I do well:)

Day 60:
D took me to Jimmy Johns; I managed to eat two bites of my sandwich before we arrived at Lowe's.  Arrived; told them I'd eat as fast as I could.  Clocked in at 12:05, then discovered Tasha, HC Cindy, and HC Adrianna didn't know what to do with me!  Went to the bathroom (I'd skipped it, since I'd clocked in late) and when asked why I had skipped it, replied, "I was under the delusion I was needed!"

Ended up spending time on Register 13, with a brief 15 minute stint in Lumber.  Took my 15 min break at 2:30, and fielded one complaint about A, our plumbing 'specialist'....the customer said he was cocky, and if it wasn't for the fact he'd just gotten out of jail, the customer wanted to punch his lights out.  I suggested doing the survey and voicing the complaints that way, when Mel walked up, and they told HER what was going on.  After they left, M had me call Bethany to let her know what they had told me.  I think A's days are numbered....

Clocked out for lunch at 4, and D took me to Denny's.  Returned at 5 and spent a very happy (and speedy!) 4 hours in Lumber.  Our big dust mop was broken, so I spot-swept the common areas, and underneath all the mats.

Had a customer tell me about a price discrepancy, and brought it to Mel's attention.  Otherwise, I was happy to be back in 'my' area, and time went much faster than it had while up at the front!

Next week, I'm only working three days; it will be a nice break before payday, Alex's 7th birthday, and Spring On Main.  Here's hoping for another good work week!

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