Friday, March 11, 2011

Flashback Friday

To recap the story thus far: I captured the attention of popular senior while at a Youth Group pool party. Some girls in my grade were jealous, especially after he hugged me in November. I worked up the nerve to offer him a 'kiss' at Valentine's day; I had a handful of Hershey Kisses. He declined, but then we laughed about it ten seconds later.

In March, one of our scheduled Youth meetings were canceled, so a bunch of us decided to meet at someone else's house. I went, and after my father dropped me off, he mentioned he'd be back for me around seven, as he was taking me to see 'Excaliber'. I was excited; this would be my first 'R' rated movie! But the closer we got to the seven o'clock hour, plans changed.

The movie 'Joni' was also playing, and I had tried unsuccessfully several times to see it (this was before the days of advance tickets). When we got bored with 'Myron Uno' (playing Uno, only cheating was okay, as long as you didn't get caught: Fined 7 cards when caught!) and Pit, talk turned to the fact it was the final night for this film. I was invited to go, but had no way of getting a hold of my father. Fortunately, Dad was on time, and when I begged to be allowed to go with my friends, he relented and gave me some money. Friend D came out to talk to him, and filled him in on where the film was playing, what time it would let out, etc. Dad took off; I climbed into D's car, along with his brother, and we left for the movie theater.

Once we arrived, I had a shock. I was the only girl who had decided to go! We ended up sitting in one row of the theater: Two other senior boys; D; his brother; me; and A, a boy in my class, who shared his popcorn with me. Yes, you counted right. I was at a movie with 5 boys.

We had a great time, but the next day, I shocked my Home Ec classmates silly. We had begun our Interpersonal Relationships course, and were discussing dating. I casually raised my hand and asked if going to a movie with 5 boys, where one drove me and another bought my popcorn, was considered a 'date'.

The 'popular' girls' mouths dropped open. Shy, timid, me, had gone out with 5 boys? Needless to say, I had the spotlight and wasn't giving it up. Over the next week or so, several girls who turned their noses up at me now wanted to know how I'd accomplished this coup. And they were NOT impressed when my advice was 'just be yourself'. Boys in my grade who had never tried to talk to me outside of asking for help on an assignment, suddenly smiled at me in the hallways. But my friend B, who was still my bff in English class, was proud of me, and told me I should have lied and said D and I had sat by ourselves in the back row. I just shook my head and ignored him.

Oh, about a week after seeing 'Joni', Dad and I did go see 'Excaliber'. I drooled over the sight of Sir Lancelot's bare backside...and wished he'd turn around!

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Janice said...

That's nice HS memory. Thank you for sharing.