Friday, March 18, 2011

Flashback Friday:)

The current SU and I were dating at this point, and his birthday is March 20th. I sent him a balloon and three red roses (one for each month we'd been officially dating) at his job, and we enjoyed a special dinner at the Olive Garden that evening.

I also took him to the wedding of a good friend of mine, who was my very first boyfriend at the tender age of twelve. He and his wife just celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary yesterday, and I'm still waiting for him to approve my friend request on FB. His brother and mother have already added me; I sent him a private "Happy Birthday/Anniversary" message. Yes, they married on his birthday!

Kenzie Has Another Cover:)
Click here to see Kenzie's awesome cover art! I posted two samples yesterday on FB, and within an hour, had women (and a few men!) drooling over the first cover.

NCAA Tournament, Round 2:
Yesterday, I was 12/15 (I missed getting my pick into one of the games) and today I'm hoping to do better. I posted my picks on FB, in the 'Notes' section. Three Indiana teams play today: Purdue, Notre Dame, and Indiana State. Good luck Hoosier Boys:)

Update on Kristin:
She's home:) She's getting evaluated today to see if she starts another round of chemo on Monday, or if they'll let her 'rest' a week. Prayers are working; she was able to come home on a beautiful day, and go for a walk with her kids.

In Other Family News...
My mother left for Vancouver yesterday, to host 'Camp Grandma' for my sister's children. They have TWO weeks off for Spring Break; apparently the school board crunched the numbers and determined they would save a lot of money that way. And since my sis has plans to come home in May, she could not afford to take time off from work. So Grandma to the rescue! And my BIL is on consultation assignment up in the Yukon Territory, with no word on when he'll return. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone in May:)

And No, I've Not Forgotten Japan...
Word has arrived that our Japanese friends are all okay. Mrs Sato (the lady my father drives to and from lessons and cardio rehab) reports her family has contacted her and they are safe. My mother has heard from her friend Osako, and their family is doing well also. But the devastation is just heartbreaking. Thoughts and prayers to anyone who has friends and loved ones over there.

Have a good weekend! As I stated, the SU's birthday is Sunday; Daughter and youngling begin their Spring Break tonight, and K has determined the ignition module on his truck has gone bad. So it will probably be Easter Weekend before he gets his truck back up to Purdue. It's been wonderful having him home for the week, and I'm going to miss the 25' ethernet cord he brought with him: It's allowed me to have my laptop in the kitchen, the bedroom, and the living room, without hijacking anyone's unsecured wifi! Guess what I may get the SU for his birthday, hahahahaha....


Unknown said...

Happy Birthday to the SU...have a great weekend!

Janice Seagraves said...

Happy b-day SU.

My heart, prayer and thoughts go out the people of Japan. I hope all the lost are found and loved ones are reunited.