Friday, March 25, 2011

Flashback Friday

March 2001:
We were getting ready for another Youth Baseball season:) Since my van had been destroyed, and I was now reduced to a mid-sized Buick, the treasurer of the league and I put our heads together and decided to try ordering our supplies from our local Dairyland convenience store. He procured the catalog and showed me how to fill out the order sheet.

Some items couldn't be ordered, so I still made trips two or three times into Sam's Club or GFS. But the biggest change came with the addition of chili and the new cheese sauce, as well as a temporary loss of space.

I thought I was ordering the #10 can of cheese, same as I got at Sam's, but as it turned out, the cheese came in bags! I ended up buying a flat of cheese cans from Sam's, and using one can per week, refilling it with the cheese in the bags. This brought confusion to my concession reps, who didn't like the new system. But since I couldn't return the bags, I insisted on using them. Some reps refused; others threw away the cans and filled the cheese machine with the bagged cheese, creating a huge mess at the end of the evening.

Another issue was the chili. When I was a new c-rep, I HATED burning my hands on the crock pot. So I used my crock pot in the same manner as the cheese machine: Add a few inches of water, insert can. No burning your hands while taking the CP out of the microwave, right? Well, some reps still dumped the contents of the can into to CP, creating another mess for me to clean up!

Temporary Loss Of Space:
Our Youth League Board had decided it was time to light the baseball fields, or at least the bottom two. So for the month of March, my storage space was limited, as the equipment, poles, and wire were stored where normally stacks of bottled drinks stood. Our president had taken it upon himself to build me a set of shelves above the chest freezer, so that helped. But Pepsi wasn't too thrilled when I had to send about thirty cases of drinks back, because we simply didn't have the space to store them. And my driver had changed, and the new one wasn't as friendly and helpful as the last one. My old one would reload the cooler if it was low, and neatly stack everything in the storage area. My new one simply unloaded and left everything inside the main area. This did cause my arm muscles to improve, lol:) But it upset me the first time I arrived with a trunk load of supplies, only to find I'd have to first shift stacks of 20 oz bottles around first.

Our Vice President had resigned, and a new VP was installed. I got along fine with his wife and kids, but this man constantly got on my nerves. I very nicely ordered a flat a month of Diet Dr. Pepper, but he seemed to get pissed off if I sold any bottles to anyone else! WTH??? And as events would unfold the coming year, a power struggle ensued. But I'll tell you about that more in detail around June, heh heh heh...

Want Your Take On This:
Check this out: I say the blogger was a rookie who was afraid of rocking the boat. I'd have posted it; would you?

Have a good weekend; I played catch-up online yesterday; now it's time to play catch-up with my chores:) Laundry awaits...

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Unknown said...

Oh I would've posted it. She wanted something and wasn't afraid to go after it any way she could. My hats off to her.

Have a good weekend, Molly.