Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Proud Mama Moment

Last night was my youngling's first BSA Pinewood Derby. And his bff's mother is in the hospital, so this past week, the SU has been helping them build their cars.

B's is on the left; W's is on the right:)

Here are the two boys, showing off their 'Driver's Licenses'. Every scout who participated received one.

B's second heat; he consistently ran 2nd or 3rd place. Due to a computer glitch, W's name and car never made it into the computer, so they manually put his name in at the end, and ran him against several of the faster cars at the end.

W's car on the track during his 1st heat. His is the one with the white stripe.

What happened after all the heats had been run was a total shock. Because of the glitch, we hardly expected him to place well.

Surprise! W took 2nd place over all! And B won 1st place for his Wolf rank:) Unfortunately, my camera batteries died just as W was beginning to race, so I had a friend take pictures for me. As soon as they are uploaded to my computer, I'll post the ones from the award ceremony.

But what made this night even more special? Twelve years ago, W's older brother K won 2nd place in his troop with his PWD car! The three years K raced, he came in 2nd twice, and his car wheels were damaged in the 3rd year, so he didn't place. But since W is getting started at an earlier age, will the 2nd place hold true? Or will he do even better than his older brother? Stay tuned:)

Oh, and tomorrow, the SU has to build another car...for a Brownie Scout down the street. Yes, apparently even the Girl Scouts are getting into PWD:)

Currently Reading: Finished Deadly Illusions by Brenda Joyce, and now I want to read the others in this series. Not just your average murder mystery; there's a fascinating love triangle as a subplot! Now I'm reading a bio of Prince Charles. And in e-format, I'm still on Witch Ball. I neglected to take my e-reader charger with me last week. (Yes, I've sadly neglected this item lately...)


Amber Skyze said...

Congrats to the youngling. :)

Linda Kage said...

WoW, Look at that trophy. Way to go, kiddo!!

Molly Daniels said...

Isn't that awesome? K only received ribbons for his PWD participation. And all the boys received 'Champion' medallions, so no one felt left out:)

B pouted about not getting a trophy, but when I asked if he had fun, he replied with a very enthusiastic YES.

Mission accomplished, and his mom was released from the hospital yesterday:)

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