Friday, November 18, 2011

Flashback Friday: Baby Shower!

Nov 1991:
As I entered the last month of pregnancy, two baby showers were held for me.  Among the gifts were a baby book; Mickey Mouse bumper pad and quilt set; onezies; sleepers; crib sheets; a baby's 1st Piggy Bank (complete with plenty of coins inside); Mickey Mouse mobile; and a bear which played 'Jesus Loves Me' when you wound him up.

I was now seeing Dr. Mark every two weeks and was still in good health.

At my weekend job, I was excused from the mandantory Thanksgiving Day shift and my belly was so huge, I literally could not see my feet.  One Sunday morning, I was struggling to cram my swelling feet into my work shoes when the country club manager saw me and asked how I was doing.

"I can't get my shoes on!"

"You know what?  Just wear your tennis shoes and be comfortable."

I almost kissed him!

Kathy, the other waitress who'd come up pregnant, went into labor.  She'd previously told me she'd planned to have her sister come over when her labor pains began, in order to French-braid her hair.  Well, as luck would have it, Kathy went into labor in the middle of the night.  The first thing she told me when I went to see her?

"Cut your hair!  I was miserable with all this hair hanging in my face!"

I'd already made an appointment to get my hair cut:)  The spouse wasn't happy about it, but I didn't want hot, wet, stringy hair hanging in MY face either!  Yeah, I'm all about comfort:)

One of the lenses to my glasses popped out; I drove myself to Dr. Tavel and found a set of replacement frames.  It turned out my frames had broken in two; thank God for prescription sunglasses!

Funny Cravings:
Winter had officially 'hit'; a blizzard had arrived and all of a sudden, every night at 10pm, I wanted a Hardee's chocolate Frozen Yogurt cone.  There were three Hardees within a mile's range of us, and the spouse received some funny looks the nights it was 10 degrees, snow blowing, and we pull up to the drive-through and order ice cream.  Usually I got a nice tall cone, but one memorable evening the spouse was thankful the pregnancy was nearly over.

We had gone to the closest Hardee's, but the cone was so small, I had it consumed by the time we'd left the parking lot.  I asked him to get me another one.  Instead of turning around, he drove to the one across the highway, who still had their light on.  But as soon as we pulled up to the drive-through, their lights went out.  We sat there for a few minutes, but no one took our order.  So we drove to the one closer to town, and my cone was about five inches high!  I happily licked it all the way back to the turn off to our apartment.  The spouse decided to go to the airport to watch the planes and asked if I minded.  But my bladder was getting full, so I asked him to stop so I could use the facilities.  Burger King happened to be open, so we pulled in and I ran inside.  We continued on to the airport and watched the planes taking off and landing a while, then returned home.

Next month:  The Big Day arrives!

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