Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy Wednesday!

Life is slowly returning to 'normal', or whatever you care to call 'normal' anymore.  The shock of what happened last week is wearing off, and though reality hasn't quite set in for those involved, we're beginning to work through the issue as a family.  And no, I'm still not ready for full disclosure yet.  Give me a couple more weeks, and I promise I'll stop being so vague.

NaNo is in full swing with my writer's group.  One person has already attained nearly 6K; I edited 24 pages yesterday, so I count it rather productive.  There are only 85 pages left in that MS, so if things go well, I should finish by the end of the week.

Went shopping this morning for a few needed items like laundry detergent.  We'd been low since last week, and I rationed it carefully, only washing underwear, socks, and jeans.  I know several loads will be washed today; that really bothers me when it piles up like that.

Disgusted with the whole 'K' clan....if she filed for divorce, then YES, she SHOULD give the ring back!  (I'm not giving her the satisfaction of my blog popping up on any references to her last name.)  And I heard her whole snit is because she doesn't want to move?  Give me a break!  What part of 'for better or for worse' did she NOT understand?

Tonight on the karaoke singing list:
-Smile (Uncle Kracker)
-Babe (Styx)
-Best of Times (Styx)
-Baby One More Time (B. Spears)
-Bad Company (Same name)
-Bad Girls (D. Summer)
and Baby I Love Your Way, if she has it.

I'm also taking another shot at Melissa Etheridge's Angels Would Fall.  I bombed on it last week, because I forgot the melody!  Note to self:  Refresh memory with YouTube vids before attempting songs not heard in a while????

I've got a busy day ahead:
-Clean up kitchen (hubby griped, but hey, what's stopping HIM from doing it?  Oh wait....that's usually my job....)
-Start laundry (fun, fun, least I can edit in between loads)
-Edit some more (hoping for another 24 pages)
-Stop by newspaper office for copies of last Thursday's paper; JF's obit was in it.
-Bank, if other royalty check arrives.
-Take daughter to appointment after school
-Remind the SU to take youngling to dentist; spacers are in for his missing teeth.
-SU said something about a trip to Denny's for b-fast; I want Applebee's for lunch!
-Karaoke tonight! (Hey, I can spring for a round of drinks tonight!)

I also realized I need to write my November newsletter!  Oops.....

What's on YOUR agenda for today?


Unknown said...

Hope your day goes smoothly. Hugs

Molly Daniels said...

8pm and only did the grocery shopping; cleaned up the kitchen; and took the youngling to the dentist. I'll continue the rest of the list tomorrow. Also edited 2 pages while at a bowling party, which I'd forgotten about! Thankfully, the coach texted me, and W had a BLAST!