Tuesday, November 29, 2011

NaNo Update: Diving Into New Territory....

Normally by now, I'm either hyperventilating or bemoaning the fact my muse is exhausted from trying to pound out 1600 words every day.  In 2007, my family was ready to have me committed to the mental ward, as I pretty much neglected the housework.  In 2008, I didn't put so much pressure on myself, but was mad at myself for not doing more.  2009 and 10, I relaxed.  And this year, while I didn't sign up for NaNo, I spent the first two weeks editing a 50K manuscript and my 2007 NaNo project, now whittled to 41K.

Last week, I spent two days typing up the 4K handwritten paranormal I'd begun in 2002 or 3 after reading my first EC books.  And kept going, adding another thousand words.  Took a break for Thanksgiving and to spend time with my kids.

On Sunday, something unusual happened around here.  The youngling found Gnomeo and Juliet on his brother's NetFlix account, so I watched it with him.  Meanwhile, the daughter hijacks my laptop for homework.  After reading everything on my e-reader, and after the college kid left to return to Purdue, I wandered into the living room where the SU was watching The Walking Dead marathon.  I'm not into zombies, so after a while I wandered out of the room again.

The youngling was watching Toy Story 3 on the desktop by this time, so after watching a little bit with him, I was restless.  Puttered around, doing minor chores, and then finally wandered back to the living room.  And ended up watching three complete episodes and pissing off the SU by asking questions during the commercial breaks.

Ended up sticking around at midnight to watch the rerun of the finale, since I had been putting the youngling to bed, and watching The Talking Dead, where the host interviewed the creator, producer, and one of the actors.

Fell into bed at 1am.....and woke up yesterday morning with an idea.

If you've been a loyal reader of this blog, you'll remember one Saturday morning when I woke up with a Very Angry Person in my head.  I wrote down his story, then wondered what to do with it.  I sent it to a friend, who sent it to another friend, who emailed me.

"I sooo see zombies in the next scene!"

I told him to write it, and it was decided the three of us would collaborate.

But the boys never held up their end, and it's just been sitting there on my hard drive, collecting dust.

Until yesterday.

It took me a while to find it; I'd forgotten what I'd named the file.  But after I re-read the original 3 pages, I flexed my fingers and began writing.  Three hours later, I had another three pages written (among various interruptions!), and another thousand words added.

And then I hit the creative wall.

I'm going to try punching my way through it today.  I don't know if I'll succeed or not, but thankfully tonight at Crit Group, I can get input on where it needs improvement or more ideas on where to take it.  This is soooo far out of my comfort zone!

But every now and then you just have to step out, right?

Wish me luck:)


Unknown said...

Good luck! :)

Harlie Williams said...

Zombies! Really? Good Luck!


Julie Lynn Hayes said...

Wow, zombies. While interesting, I wouldn't begin to know how to fit them into a romance novel, cause there's nothing romantic about them, especially with their dietary habits and propensity to lose body parts at a moment's notice. Obviously, not hero/heroine material! Always good as villains, though.

Good luck with it!

Molly Daniels said...

Thanks Amber and Marika:)

@Julie: This will probably be more mainstream/horror, with romance being secondary. I already have a hint of a 'secret' romance brewing between doctor/nurse or even nurse/policeman. Who knows what the brain will dictate to the fingers?

Katalina said...

Best wishes Molly this sounds really exciting.

Janice Seagraves said...

Good luck, you may just have a winner there.


anny cook said...

Occasionally writing out of our comfort zone allows us the freedom to do all those things we wouldn't dare do any other way. Sometimes we end up doing "something" with it. Other times not. Who knows? But our creative juices can flow free.

Incidentally...Chrysanthemum was one of my out-of-my-comfort-zone stories...

Tessie Bradford said...

Go For It!!

Molly Daniels said...

@Kat and Janice: Thank you:)

@Anny: Seriously? I'd have thought Kama Sutra Lovers or your shifters was out of your comfort zone! You are so good at world-building:)

@Tessie: I'm up to page 7 and some interesting characters have demanded to be a part of it; so far I've the doctor; nurse; police officers; Chief of Medicine; and now a reporter. Can't wait to see who else shows up!

Linda Kage said...

Good luck. Pound on that wall, baby, and crack it open.