Thursday, December 22, 2011

Countdown To Christmas Pt 1

Home again!  Arrived back in town just in time for youngling's basketball game; they lost 30-15.  Afterward, youngling fell down the stairs of the gym, but he's okay.  Nothing broken; no blood; no missing teeth:)  Just scared.  Maybe this will teach him to slow down when going down a busy flight of stairs?

Also learned a dear friend of mine lost her husband yesterday.  He'd been battling Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, and a week or so ago, his doctors had given him 3-4 weeks.  He passed peacefully, surrounded by his family.  RIP Danny; you will be missed.

Granny's health is stable.  She's no better, but no worse.  I'll hopefully get to see her on the 26th.

Good night at karaoke!  I took Cheryl a slice of my 'birthday pie', a Marie Callendar's Chocolate Cream Pie.  The freezer in Mom's garage stopped working, so I brought home two pies.  The other one is Apple; the SU is enjoying it:)

Since I was celebrating my birthday, I decided to do a 'Best of' series.  I sang 'Invincible'; 'Alone'; 'Because You Loved Me'; 'Baby One More Time'; and 'Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now' (with Billie).  Bartender even gave me a free rum and coke:)

Afterward, B took me downtown and showed me the rubble from the fire which took out four buildings on Saturday, around the time I was arriving in Lafayette.  The old Gimbal store, one of the oldest in our town, was a total loss.  The cause is still unknown, and one of my friends lost her apartment.  The miracle here is there were no injuries.  No firemen were hurt; no lives lost.  And the beautiful mural which graced the back of the building is being recommissioned.

Received my proof copy of LFAW!  It needed three minor changes; I made them and sent it back.  Hopefully I'll be writing that dedication today or tomorrow and getting word of a definite release date.

Today, I am finishing up the laundry and wrapping presents.  And making some chocolate covered pretzels.  I also need to inspect the cookie supplies and see which ones need replenished.

Have a safe and happy Christmas and I'll be back tomorrow with Christmas 2001 memories:)

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