Thursday, December 1, 2011

It's December Already???

ACK!  Where did November go?  Oh wait; I spent the first two weeks in the editing week in relax mode...the last ten days working on two different wips.  And anticipating PAYDAY.  That's where it went.

NaNo Word Count:  7789.  But add to it the editing I did....51,337; or, to be more exact, 667.  So add the editing total to the WC and I get 8456.  So I was slightly off by 2k from that estimate yesterday.  But hey; it's a start!  Or, I can be totally cheating if I add the entire thing: 59,126:)  Hey; not bad at all!  LOL!

No; Final NaNo Word Count:  8,456.  I'll keep writing through the weekend, then beginning next Tuesday, Dec 6th, I start my holiday baking.  Look for details next Monday, and don't forget to come back tomorrow for memories of my 6th birthday/Christmas and the link to Kenzie's Favorite Holiday Recipe:)

Stay warm; our temps dipped into the mid-20's last night, though they are expected to rise into the high 40's.

Payday agenda:
-Pay rent and utilities
-Buy needed food supplies and household items
-Take daughter to appointment
-Take youngling to basketball practice
-Dinner out or I'll throw something together while spouse and W are at b-ball:)

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Linda Kage said...

Congrats on your word count!!

Definitely time to start bundling up for winter!