Thursday, December 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Kyle!!!

I can't believe my 1st baby is twenty today....the big 2-0.  How can this be?  Wasn't it just yesterday he was trotting off to kindergarten?  Playing pee-wee football?  Playing football?  Graduating high school?  Going off to college...oh wait.

That would be two years ago.

How time flies.....

I can still see him at age 18 months, chasing my 6 year old cousin around my grandmother's townhouse, yelling at him for singing the wrong Barney lyrics.

Billy:  "I hate you, you hate me, let's tie Barney to a tree...."

Kyle:  "No, no!  I wove 'ou, 'ou wove me, we're a happy family....!"

Age 5:  "I can walk up to my classroom by myself, Mommy!"

Age 10:  "Check out my bruises!  I'm one mean tackling machine!"

Age 14:  "But WHY does it have to be X?  Why can't it be R?  And WHY do I have to show my work when I already know the answer?"

Age 18:  "I got into Purdue!"

Age 19:  "Mom, I've joined a fraternity..."

Welcome to your twenties, Kyle....and next year, you can go to karaoke with your mama!


Unknown said...

Happy Birthday, Kyle. They grow up too quick.

Molly Daniels said...

Yes, they do!