Thursday, December 15, 2011

Edit Update, Karaoke, and Candy:)

Whew!  I finished LFAW edits; fixed all those !@##$%^ quotation marks (note to self:  double check next MS as you're going through it!!!) and sent it back.  Editor says it might re-release next week!  Yay:)

Also received edits for book #3, Forbidden Love.  Took a glance through it; these won't be too painful!  If I accomplish my baking goals the next two days, I'll work on it over the weekend.  Keri's story is slated to be released in January, so there's plenty of time.

There was a definite 'theme' to my songs last night!  It wasn't planned; I just went in the order they were listed on my song title sheet.  As a result, I think the majority of the male patrons thought I had issues with the opposite sex!

-Band of Gold:  I wanted the Belinda Carlisle version; there was none.  So I tried Kim Locke's; no way.  Botched it on the first two lines, trying to find what octave to be in.  So we switched to another version and did slightly better.  I still crossed this one off my list forever.

-Birmingham:  Nailed this one on the first try!  I love my Amanda Marshall cassette, and would LOVE to have the CD.  I'll definitely be singing this one again!

-Bleeding Love:  I did fine until the end!  Leona Lewis deviates on the last few rounds of the chorus, and I'd only practiced the backup singers!  I'll be singing this one again too, with more practice:)

-Because You Loved Me:  I got a standing ovation after I finished this one, and no, not because they were glad it was over!  One couple got up and danced; Cheryl even activated the applause track.  Another one I'll keep doing:)

-Bitch:  I didn't have nearly enough attitude for this song.  Maybe if I get a few too many drinks in me I'll attempt it again....or sing it with someone else!

-Beauty and the Beast:  I love this song, but it sounds better when Celine is singing along with me!  Maybe I just need more practice?

Next week, I'm planning to go back and sing a few of the ones I KNOW I sing well:
-Baby One More Time
-As Long As You Love Me
-Because You Loved Me

That's if there is time.  The bar might be busy, due to the holidays!  So check back next Thursday:)

Baking Update:

I showed you the cookies on Monday; here are the candy pictures:)

I made blue raspberry and strawberry gummies using three molds:  Christmas figures (Santa, lower right), dinosaurs (T-Rex and stegasaurus at the top); and animals (hippo, bottom left).  The white stuff is cornstarch, so they don't stick to each other!

This may look like a mess, but it is the entire gummy collection.

Oops...I should have flipped this one before I uploaded it.  These are the chocolates; Squares with holly; drummer boy; tree; Santa; wreath; star; bell; snowman.  The reindeer bombed; we ended up eating them.  Some of the antlers or legs didn't come out well.

And finally, the dinos:)  My T-Rexes did better in the second batch (top two have no tails!), but didn't get a picture.

What do I plan to do with these?

In the two bags for the crossing guard and youngling's teacher, I'll put 6 of each kind of cookie, and I'll make a little sack out of cling wrap for the candy and tie it with red and green yarn.  It's not much, but I've discovered they like these gifts better than knick-knacks!

Tomorrow's blog:
Christmas 2001.  Merry Christmas!

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