Friday, December 16, 2011

Flashback Friday

December 2001:
The only memorable thing I cam come up with was I had my hair permed during my three hours between shifts on the bus....and then my boss called us in for a meeting.  I was NOT expecting to have my hairdresser rush through the final steps so I could arrive an hour earlier at school!  And our 'office' was a tiny trailer at the back of the school property.  And if anyone as anyone who has ever had their hair permed can tell you....a strong chemical aroma accompanied me back to the office.

In short, Mike had to open the door to the trailer as the fumes were choking all six of us.  But that was the only day my hairdresser could schedule me, and I wanted my hair done before the holidays began.  I promised him it would be another year before getting my hair professionally curled again, and would NOT squeeze it in between shifts!

Present Day:
There's a lot going on beginning today!

First of all, over at Coffee Beans & Love Scenes, Kenzie's giving away a copy of Teacher's Pet.  Go over and show her some love?

Secondly, I'm participating in the Secret Cravings Anniversary Blog Hop (my day is Jan 7th), and we're giving away a Kindle Fire and other goodies:)

Stop by the Secret Cravings Blog for details:)

Last, on Sunday, join myself and several others over at Cassandra Carr's Facebook page!  There will be excerpts, prizes, blurbs, and fun all day long.

Have a good weekend:)  And don't forget to stop by The Writer's Evo on Sunday to find out what made Kenzie proud in the past year:)

Told you there was a lot going on!

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Linda Kage said...

Wow, and you weren't lying! That is a lot of busyness!