Friday, May 25, 2012

Flashback Friday: Coldest 500 EVER!

May 1992:
The spouse took our 5-month old to spend the weekend with his family while I traveled north to my family's house, since I would be attending the Indianapolis 500.  The day was cold and overcast; I donned long underwear under jeans and wore a T-shirt; thick sweatshirt; and threw a jacket over the entire ensemble.  Who knew it would barely be above freezing the last weekend in May?

Fortunately, the rain stayed away.  The race began on time, and we kept warm by jumping up and down, cheering for our drivers and eating....and eating.  Halfway through the race, the wind picked up and I began to wish I'd filled my thermos with hot chocolate, rather than iced tea!  And the last two laps were close, but with everyone standing on their seats, I stood in a tiny cocoon of warmth.  The only way I knew Al Unser Jr aka 'Little Al' had won, was the fact I had a clear view of his pit crew through a space between the shoulders of the people in front of me!  I was never so happy to see a race come to an end, and with the driver of my choice the winner.  But that's not all the excitement which occurred that weekend.

On Monday, when we were back from our travels, the spouse revealed his mother had bought some pear juice for baby K.  Sunday night, she was rocking her darling grandchild, who was sucking down the juice in a contented manner.  Suddenly, he held up his bottle, grinned, and my MIL felt a very warm substance running down her lap.  Yes, his diaper literally exploded all over her and ran down her leg and on the couch!

That was the day the spouse learned how to cure any of K's future constipation issues, lol!  It is still a family joke, 20 years later.

Present Day:
Currently Reading:  Finished Jaid Black's story The Addiction and LOVED it!  See Wednesday's post; I already recommended it.  Still reading Floor Time by Liz Crowe and am enjoying the slower pace of this story!

With the exception of a few books I've already read in e-format, and three others I wasn't in the mood to read yet, I'm finished with the stack I brought home from RT.  Only took me six weeks, lol!  I want to re-read Lisa Hendrix's 1st book before I dive into the sequels.  And that means....finding it first.

Began reading Jodi Picoult's Song of the Humpback Whale last night, and am looking forward to reading more:)

With some trial and error, I managed to upload several pdf files to my Kindle Fire last night!  Now I can show off my books and read the ones I downloaded earlier in the year.  And was upset when I discovered 50 Shades of Gray is NOT available for borrowing through Amazon Prime.  My free subscription runs out in another week or two, and I've not been able to use it yet.  So when it runs out, I guess I won't miss it after all.

Youngling continues his hitting streak:  I posted his two-run homer on facebook the other day, plus he's hit triples and doubles.  Now if he'd only learn to field better.....I guess it comes with practice!

Last night at karaoke, I was thrilled to sing Gloria by Laura Brannigan; Never by Heart (BC shot video of me!); and Wanted Dead or Alive by Bon Jovi.  Unfortunately, Darrell decided to DJ for a while, so I didn't get to sing my other songs.  I'd really wanted to do What About Love by Heart again (with BC filming, lol!); Living in Sin by Bon Jovi; and yes, Parents Just Don't Understand by Will Smith!  So maybe next week????

Happy Memorial Weekend!  I'll be in late 1700-period costume on Sunday, since our church choir is providing acappella music during the church service at Rendezvous (when the fur traders would return from the West, to trade for supplies).  I'll have pictures to post for next week.


D'Ann said...

Good post! My husband and daughter are huge race fans. Bet they would have liked to be freezing with you.

Molly Daniels said...

That day was a what-the-hell-am-I-DOING-out-here-moment! I still can't believe I stood outside in that weather with NO winter coat for 3 hours!

I can't go this year, but am looking forward to next year:) And at least Danica won't win; she switched to NASCAR. Cheering Marco Andretti this year, as well as Graham Rahal.