Wednesday, May 23, 2012

LIFE Update

First of all, a very happy birthday to my BFF, who endured many interrupted nights as my roommate, when I'd get a brainstorm @ 3am.  I had the top bunk and would be happily scribbling away in a notebook when she'd kick me from her lower bunk and tell me to stop; I was shaking the bed!

Yesterday's release date caught me by surprise.  I was deep into the final revisions on Sunday when I thought to email my editor and ask about my release date.

"Tuesday the 22nd".

Holy sh*t....that's in two days!  The only 'promo' I'd done for it was to post my editing reports, and of course, I interviewed 'Joe' this past weekend for the Villain-Tine's Blog Hop.

So thanks to everyone who endured my frantic promo-posts yesterday:)  I'll post another excerpt at the bottom of this post.

Currently Reading:  Finished BC Brown's Touch of Madness, and OMG....what a roller coaster of emotion and turmoil for the heroine!  This book kept me scrolling right up to the end.  If you want a good paranormal mystery,  which isn't typical at all, read this book.  Definite Recommended Read:)

Also read the next four stories in the Something Wicked This Way Comes Vol 1 antho.  I loved Desiree Holt's Dangerous Addiction and Kathy Kulig's Tattoo Witch.   I'll get to Jaid Black's The Addiction tonight.  Since I'm on the last book, definitely get this one also, esp since Vol 2 contains a Regina Carlysle story and I can hardly wait to get my hands on it also:)  Recommended Read.

I also read Jean Joachim's Now and Forever:  Callie's Story, and found it enjoyable:)  Looking forward to the others in this series.  If you like sweet romance, Recommended Read:)

Now I'm up to Ch 2 in Liz Crowe's Floor Time.  I've wanted to read all of Liz's books since I first 'met' her last fall.  I'm really enjoying this book, even though I've only read two 'chapters', and am already in love with Jack.  Looking forward to more tonight!

Today is officially Day 1 of The Great Basement Discovery.  I'm getting tired of the clutter.  I decided a few months back to try to 'streamline' our various boxes of 'stuff', but got discouraged when my method wasn't working as well as I thought it would.  But now we have the means to invest in another storage unit, so I proposed a plan of action to the SU, who agreed.  Step 1 is to rent the storage space; step 2 will be to begin taking ten or so boxes per day over to it and organizing them.  Not the usual 'throw the boxes in the car and stack them as fast as you can; we'll go through them later' kind of thing.  No; I want to stack like boxes with like boxes, and get rid of anything we don't want AS we're stacking!  Make sense?

Now for that excerpt:)

“Did we ever tell you about the ugly riveters that replaced you last winter?” Adam took a drink of his beer. “They were so ugly we kept them against the press at the other end of the table.”

“Yeah,” Mark joined in. “We much prefer pretty faces while we're setting up. One of them—what was her name? Wanda had a thing for ol' Tom here. Tell her about it, Tom.” He jabbed the other man with his elbow.

“I don't think Gretchen wants to hear it.” Tom wiped beer foam from his black mustache.

“Sure I do.” Gretchen leaned forward. “Come on, tell me. What happened?”

“You sure you want to know?” Tom’s eyebrows rose as he leaned forward when she nodded. “She tried to get me to go to bed with her. Even came into the office and showed me she wasn't wearing any underwear.”

Laughter exploded all around. “Whoooeee, Tom!” Bruce wiped his eyes. “Did you screw her?”

“For five minutes, then I fired her.”

“You didn't!” Gretchen gasped.

“Yes, I did.” Tom signaled for another pitcher. “Paid for it the next few weeks too with the clap.”

“Oh, no!”

“Let this be a lesson, children. Look before you lay.”

“On that note, I'm ready to go home. See you tomorrow.” She drained her glass and stood up.

“Hey, wait up a second.” Joe stood up. “Can you give me a lift? I don't think Tom's ready to go yet. Right?”

“Right. I'm just now starting my second pitcher. Go on with Gretchen, and we'll see you later.” Tom poured himself another mug of beer.

Gretchen and Joe made their way to her small car. He’s never sought me out in private, after hours before! Joe appeared relaxed and calm. I'll just stay on my guard.

“I sure do appreciate the ride.” Joe slid into the passenger seat.

“No problem. What's wrong with your car?” Gretchen backed out of her parking space and headed for the main street.

“It's in the shop getting the brakes fixed. I should get it back tomorrow.”

“That's good.”

“Yeah. Listen, I gotta ask you this. There’s a reason why I asked you to take me home.”

Here it comes. “Oh? What is it?”

“Take a left at the next light. Are you seeing anyone right now?”

“Not exactly.” Why is he asking? Did Shawn put him up to this? Or is he asking for himself? “I’m good friends with a couple of pilots at the base, and you know I dated Shawn Graber last semester, but no one serious.”

“I'm glad. See, I've been confused all winter. Ever since you left, I’ve missed seeing you every day. Now you're back, and I've been promoted to coordinator, and I don't know what to do.”

Gretchen blinked. “Just what are you trying to say?”

“Hell, I guess there's only one way to do it, and that's just to blurt it out. Gretchen, I think I love you. Turn right at the stop sign.”

Gretchen stopped the car. “What did you say?”

“I said turn right.”

“Joseph! I meant before.” She signaled, turning onto the private road.

“Third trailer on the left. I said I think I'm in love with you.”

Want to read more?  Buy the book here:)


Janice Seagraves said...

So like a man to be all causal when he tells a woman he loves her.

Great excerpt.


Molly Daniels said...

Thanks Janice:)

B.C. Brown said...

Naturally, I'm catching up on my blogs late. So I'm just now checking in to say CONGRATS ON THE LATEST RELEASE! I can't wait to read it. (Just as soon as I finish judging this contest I signed up to do that is.) It is on my agenda for the first week of June. You were skipped ahead of a few people. Friend privilege! lol

Really liked the excerpt. Your writing has evolved so nicely over the last few years/novels, and I always look forward to previews. :)

I don't have a week day off again for a while. So, if we are going to do 'roke, it will need to be on either a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. Know where those are? 'Cause I don't. :D

Molly Daniels said...

Doesn't Cheryl do 'roke on Friday? And the R/R (next to Willie's) has it on Sat. Don't know about Sun.

And...awwwweee. thank you!! And it's always nice to be told I'm improving:)