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Introducing Caleb Smith from A Change Of Address


Welcome to the SCP Villain-tine's Weekend Blog Hop!  Today I'm happy to host author Natalie-Nicole Bates as she introduces you to her favorite villain, Caleb Smith.  Take it away Natalie:)


Saved from a traumatic past and successful in her present as a home care nurse, Josselyn Adler’s dream of home ownership in the idyllic town of Unity are dashed to pieces when Dr Ben Parnell, a cancer specialist, shows up on her doorstep claiming to be the rightful owner of the house—and Ben has a will to prove it!  To Josselyn, the house represents a new start in her life. With a stable home, hopefully a much wanted family wouldn’t be far behind.

After a near career-ending allegation is made, Ben has returned home to lick his wounds. But now he must prove Josselyn’s claim to be a fake, that she used her position as a live-in nurse to his sick father to ingratiate herself into his good graces. But as he gets to know her, he can tell by her shy, often standoffish behavior, that Josselyn is a woman who has been deeply hurt in her past. Although he is attracted to the dark haired beauty that has invaded his life, he is still suspicious of her true motives and her past involvement with his father.

I’m pleased today to have the chance to chat with my “villain” from Change of Address, Caleb Smith.

Natalie-Nicole: Caleb, thank you so much for this opportunity to chat. I know you’re anxious to share some of your thoughts and feelings about Josselyn Adler and Ben Parnell.

Caleb: I feel it’s important to clear the air a bit on certain subjects, so I’m happy to spend a few minutes with you.

Natalie-Nicole: It has been suggested that you use your position as a police officer to intimidate certain people in Unity.

Caleb: Are you speaking about Ben Parnell?

Natalie-Nicole: Ben, among others.

Caleb: I am a consummate professional. I have never used my position or sense of authority to intimidate anyone. Ben merely feels threatened by my presence on Josselyn’s life.

Natalie-Nicole: And why do you think that is. I mean, Ben is a successful cancer specialist. From my understanding he is quite an upstanding citizen as well. He and Josselyn seem to be a perfect romantic match.

Caleb: Huh! Upstanding citizen you say? Don’t you know of his recent past? You need to catch up on the facts, Girl. But let me sum up Ben Parnell for you: Haughty, arrogant, and aware of his own self-importance.

Natalie-Nicole: Why do you despise Ben so much?

Caleb: We have a long past together. Let’s just say that Ben was quite the bully way back when.

Natalie-Nicole: So the bullied has now become the bully? You’re getting back at him by trying to drive a wedge between him and Josselyn?

Caleb: Josselyn is a sweet, lovely woman who has had a rough life. She deserves better than Ben Parnell. What I feel for her has nothing to do with my hatred of Ben Parnell.

Natalie-Nicole: But, Caleb, it is true that you’ve been going out of your way to not only poison Josselyn’s mind regarding Ben, but you’ve also been threatening to arrest Ben on more than one occasion.

Caleb: Nonsense. You speak as though Ben is some threat to me. I am the threat to him.

Natalie-Nicole: Well, on that rather frightening note, I will thank you, Caleb, for spending some time with me today. To learn more about Caleb Smith, Josselyn Adler, and Ben Parnell, read Change of Address available now at Secret Cravings Publishing.

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Natalie-Nicole Bates is a book reviewer and author.
Her passions in life include books and hockey along with Victorian and Edwardian era photography and antique poison bottles.  Natalie contributes her uncharacteristic love of hockey to being born in Russia.
She currently resides in the UK where she is working on her next book and adding to her collection of 19th century post-mortem photos.
Visit Natalie-Nicole online at

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Natalie-Nicole Bates said...

Molly~Thank you so much for hosting my interview with Caleb this weekend!

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It was my pleasure! These interviews were fun and a great way to get inside an evil mind, lol!

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I'm enjoying the villians on this hop. :O)

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Love these great chances to peek at the "bad guys" this hop! Thanks for sharing this!