Thursday, May 17, 2012

LIFE Update

Currently Reading:  Print:  Something Wicked This Way Comes (Vol 1).  I LOVED Laurann Donner's story, Captain For Nara's Heart:)  I'm getting ready to read story #2, Dragon Heat by Mel Teshco. On Tuesday, Marianne Stephens' Anything You Can Do arrived, and I began reading it before bed.  Found it hard to put down, and it's taken a great deal of will power not to pick it up, or stay up late!  

E-books:  (You DID know I got a kindle fire for Mother's Day?)  I've already read Sandy Sullivan's Love Me Once, Love Me Twice, and enjoyed it!  My favorite character was Natalie's grandmother!  And OMG is this lady and I on the same (scarily enough!) wavelength, when it comes to our characters!  If not for a certain element to this story, it was like reading something I would have written, in regards to the character's emotions and 'back story'.   Recommended Read:)  Can't wait to read more of Sandy's books!  Now reading:  A Touch Of Madness by BC Brown.  This book released yesterday, and since she's been 'torturing' me the past year and bouncing ideas off me as she wrote (she calls me her 'plot trampoline', hee hee!), I wanted to see for myself how everything came together.  I'm up to Ch 3 and loving it:)

In no particular order, here are the other books on my Kindle, to be read next:
-Floor Time-Liz Crowe (I've wanted to read her books ever since I 'met' her through RBRU!)
-The Scarlet Letter-Nathaniel Hawthorne (it was free, and I've always wanted to read it)
-Pearl in the Sand-Tessa Afshar (another freebee, not sure who recommended it)
-Now and Forever:  Callie's Story-Jean Joachim (I've enjoyed Jean's other books and want to read more:)
-Inscribed Love-Mahalia Levy (Another freebee by fellow SCP author:)
-Storm of Desire- Cara Marsi (see above)
-Born To Be Wild-Cynthia Arsuaga (see above)
-Be Mine-Sharon Kleve (see #2)
-The Bastard Preacher-Dee Dawning (I liked this author's previous works, so downloaded this freebee)

I'm hoping to buy e-books again (I know; I've been saying that for the past three months!), plus bought a micro-adapter so I can put the books I've won in the past several months onto my new Kindle, including my own, lol!

I'm preposting this on Wednesday, since I've been a bad blogger again this week, and our Villain-Tines Blog Hop is this weekend.  My Friday Flashbacks will be suspended this Friday, but I'll be back with May 1992 the following weekend.  You will NOT want to miss this post, lol!

Reality TV:
I finally watched Celebrity Apprentice yesterday, and wow!  I predicted a Lisa vs Aubrey showdown, or even an Arsenio vs Aubrey, after Lisa was sent packing!  Can't wait to see what happens next week, esp with Arsenio's disappointing footage of Magic's video.  Maybe they can edit it out so that Magic BEGINS the PSA instead of the END?  Maybe Penn can work his 'magic' on Magic:)

Last week, I bombed on Leanne Rhimes' Can't Fight The Moonlight.  Hoping that after a week of practice, I'll finally get it right.

Also on the line up:
-Candy Man-Sammy Davis Jr
-Can't Buy Me Love-Beatles
-Can't Fight This Feeling-REO Speedwagon
-Can't Help Falling In Love-Elvis
-Can't Keep A Good Man Down-Alabama (If there's enough time)


Amber Skyze said...

Lots of good books! :)

Molly Daniels said...

Hard to believe four months ago I was complaining of not having any reading I'm inundated!