Friday, June 22, 2012

Flashback Friday: 1st Train Ride

June 1992:
Baby K was now 6 months old, and trying to learn to sit up:)  Some friends came to visit and we decided to go to the train museum up in Noblesville.  I took plenty of pictures of K laying in sleepers; propped up in the seats of various cars, and then the biggest thrill....riding behind the Nickel Plate 587 engine for a short ride.

The 587 holds special memories for me.  For years it was housed at Broadripple Park in Indianapolis, two blocks from my great-grandmother's house.  I used to crawl all over that engine, and taught many newcomers how to slide down into the coal car.  We played Engineer; staged train robberies; and later, I even helped a young lady with a blind date.  She hid in the coal car while I greeted her date and decided he wasn't too bad for her after all.  Then I called to her and left them alone.  No word on whether that relationship went anywhere.

But anyway, we had a great time at the museum, and later began taking my baby to the pool in our apartment complex.  I even had a few pictures taken of the two of us.  He's wearing an adorable light blue and white 'suit', and has no teeth.  But all that would change in July, so come back next month and find out how he became a 14-yr-old boy's best friend:)

Present Day:
I've had a peaceful week; the boys have been at BSA Day Camp from 8:30-5pm every day!  I've got two more days of Love Scene Homework to post, so I might post it tomorrow or wait until Monday.

Currently Reading:
Finished Pearls In The Sand...EXCELLENT!  I don't remember if this was a free read or a .99 one.  But go to Amazon Kindle and download it, if you like Christian Fiction.  It's the fictional account of Rahab, the Caananite prostitute who saved two spies of Joshua's.  Remember that childhood song "Joshua Fought The Battle of Jericho....and the walls came a-tumbling down..."

Finished Liz Crowe's Turkish Delights and now cannot wait to read the others in this series!  Oh man I want a massage like that!  Recommended Read:)

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