Friday, June 29, 2012

Flashback Friday

June 2002
Recap:  I'd been ousted as Concession Manager, and during the new season, kids complained about L's management; visitors complained about the quality of the stand; and soon even the coaches were complaining.

I learned we'd acquired another tournament, other than just the 12 and older Girls and the Pee-Wee All-Stars.  After the regular season was over, one of the reps called me.  "We've got a problem.  L just handed me the cash box and there are no workers for the stand tonight.  Can you help me out?"

"Are you serious?  She didn't line up any help?"

"No, and I've got people asking me when the stand is going to be open.  I'm desperate here."

"Let me get a hold of Amy and we'll be right there."

I informed my family of the development, and called my friend Amy, who agreed to meet me at the field.  We opened the stand; I gave away a cup of ice to a kindergartner, and upset the new President of the league, because I chose to make him wait his turn.  And officially lodged my protest of the way L had been cleaning (or rather, NOT cleaning) the cheese warmer.

The next day, everything exploded.  The phone rang constantly as questions flew back and forth between me, one of the girls' coaches, the Rep who'd called me, and L herself.

L:  I appreciate you helping out last night; I told him, "You're the rep; it's your responsibility to get the workers for the tournament..."

Me:'s the manager's responsibility to line up the workers.  Remember when I'd call you....

L:  Oops, one of my kids needs me.  But thanks again.

S:  Why is H so hopping mad at you?

Me:  H is mad?  I don't know....hold on; R's beeping in.

R:  H said you were giving away free food last night?

Me:  I gave away one free cup of ice to a 6 year old who had no money.  I was not about to let the kid dehydrate.

R:  For whatever reason, H is pissed off at you and doesn't want you in the stand anymore.

Me:  He's probably pissed off because I refused to serve him ahead of anyone else last night.  Let him wait like the rest of us.

R:  I'll talk to him.

Me:  S?  That was Amy's beeping in.

S:  I'll talk to you later.

A:  R just asked me about your judgement call with the ice, and I backed you up.  I also told him about H's hissy fit when you made him wait.

Me:  Thank you.  Apparently, H doesn't understand the meaning of the term 'for the kids'.  Oh, here's R again.  Talk to ya later....

R:  I just told H to go f***k himself.  You and Amy were the only two willing to work last night, and any other night, and if he didn't like it, he could kiss my ass.  You're the reason we got the extra tournament, so he should be thanking you instead of mounting a vendetta.

Me:  Do you need Amy and I tonight?

R:  No, I told L to get her fat ass in there and do her job.  But can you be on stand-by for Saturday?

Me:  Sure.

Amy and I were only called for one more concession duty, and that was because of a rain-out.

The spouse had had enough of the politicking, and told everyone he knew what was going on.  And as soon as my daughter's tournament was over, we readied ourselves for a trip to Colorado.

Next month:  Relaxing vacation!

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