Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Love Scene Workshop

I'm taking part in a workshop, and since I'd rather not post my 'homework' to the loop, I'm going to post it here.

The first day's homework is:
-Think of the most memorable love scenes you've seen in a movie or
read in a book, the ones that stuck with you long after you finished the

-Any Lavryle Spencer book.
-The opening scene in the first erotic e-book I'd read.
-The bedroom scene in Flame and The Flower during the ball
-In Shanna, the one where she decides to be his wife for the night, to fulfill the bargain.
-First Love by Judy Blume.

-List them and determine what type of scene (1-4) they were.

-All of them, save for the 2nd, would be 'The Full Experience'.  The e-book's opening scene would be the 'No-Hold's-Barred' type.

-Then make notes on WHY you think they're so memorable - All the
tension that built up to that moment? The dialogue? The unique setting?
Figure out what was special and how that scene served the story. What
did the scene show about the characters?

-Lavyrle:  Culmination of two people who can finally be together.

-E-book:  Introduced me to a sexual position I'd only heard about in a bad way before, and changed my opinion of it.

-F&F:  Heather finally learns to trust Brandon, and surprises him.

-Shanna:  She quits denying the attraction between them, which sets up even more tense moments.

-First Love:  It shows a natural progression of a young woman losing her virginity to someone she trusts.

Day #2 Homework:

 Look at the scenes you used as examples yesterday or pick new scenes that you love (can be from books or movies) and figure out what the writer did to build tension before the big love scene. Did they use the components I listed above? What was the conflict, what were the stakes?
Lavryl:  Characters have been denying themselves, or have had inner conflict, leading up to the final scene.
E-Book:  It ends when she decides to accept his form, and take her happiness in that acceptance.
F&F:  Arguments, misunderstanding, mistrust all around.
Shanna:  Roark is 'forbidden fruit'; therefore they have to sneak around.
First Love:  At the end, it's a natural progression of what happens when you give yourself to someone too soon.

Now it's your turn:  Have I missed anything?  What was YOUR favorite sex scene in a book or movie and why was it memorable?  How did the conflict or tension lead up to this scene?

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B.C. Brown said...

Crap, I've read so many sex scenes, it's hard to narrow them down. Definitely have to say Jacqueline Carey did right by them in her Kushiel series. But they were tame by a lot of standards. Recently, Bronwyn Green has made a threesome in a story interesting, believable and fun. Most writers, in my experience, try to be too over the top with them.

Sex scenes in movies rarely stick with me. I usually find they are pointless to the plot, so I pay little attention. I'll have to give it more thought, however, and search for one that does/did resonate with me at least a little. Surely there is one?

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