Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Blog Hop, Pt 2

First of all, I want to wish my darling daughter Happy 18th Birthday!  Hard to believe my baby's a mama herself now, and doing a wonderful job with adorable Miss Alex, who turns one month old this week.  We'll be celebrating with a Dairy Queen cake; fireworks; and a nice dinner or lunch somewhere.

Just in time to celebrate freedom of speech, and the right to read it, comes the Celebrating Independence Blog Hop!
There will be fireworks, BBQ’s, and if you're lucky, I'll have a special gift for you for participating!
So here’s how the hop goes each of the participating authors (List on the Event Page HERE) is going to run a contest on their blog for the readers to enjoy! So make sure you stop by all the stops on the hop. I know you won’t be disappointed!

Contest starts Sunday, July 1, 2012 and ends Wednesday, July 4, 2012 at midnight.

I heated you up yesterday, so now to cool you off a little.  Remember to leave me a comment on either yesterday's, today's, or tomorrow's post for a free PDF download of Balancing Act.  Plus, please like my Amazon Page!

Deleted Scene from Forbidden Love:

"I have a good feeling about this year," Keri told Caitlyn after the holidays were over.  Caty had already unpacked and was waiting for a phone call from her boyfriend.  "Even though I got a late start."
"What took so long?"
"You know the back roads I usually take to avoid the traffic in Indy?  Well, both Dad and Eric warned me to stick to the interstate, due to the ice and snow, but there was a major accident by the airport, so I jumped off at State Road 37, and boy was that a mistake!"   Keri pulled out a peach satin robe.  "Look at this:  Isn't it glamorous?  I can't wait to show it to Kyle.  Anyway, there was a five car pile-up in Martinsville, so after I got through that mess, I slid over to 67, and was fine until Spencer, where I did a doughnut in the Burger King parking lot..."
"You didn't," Caty put her hand over her mouth.
Keri nodded.  "Ever go through a drive-up backwards?"
That scenario made Caitlyn laugh even harder.  "I have learned my lesson:  No matter how bad the back up is after a ten inch snowfall, I'm staying on the interstate.  People in small towns forget how to drive, I swear!"
"The snow freezes the common sense." Caty wiped her eyes.
"No doubt.  Has Kyle called?"  Caty shook her head.  "Damn!  Something's really weird.  I was always missing him over break; he never called back; I'm two hours late, and still no call!  What is with men that they don't like to return phone calls?"
"Speaking of men, Joe gave Gretchen a First Promise ring."
"You're kidding me."  Keri stopped putting away her clothes.  "After six months?"
"I guess he's serious."
"What about the mind games?  Is she happy about it?"
"She said he was behaving himself.  They haven't set any dates or anything.  Personally, I think she'd be better off with Troy Anderson."

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Foretta said...

love deleted scenes thanks


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Deleted scenes are fun.
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