Tuesday, July 31, 2012

'Home Sweet Home....sort of...'

It's been thrilling to be back in Indianapolis the past three days:)  Sunday, as I was driving MDQ and ME home, it was nice to first pass by the old homestead in Morgan County, and then to see familiar sights along the west side of Indy.  So much has changed in the six years since we've been there!

The Airport Expressway has been renamed, now that it no longer leads to the airport.

There's a huge 'sound barrier' wall all along 465, but I WAS able to point out the apartment complex where I lived first as a single woman, then later married.  The kids were impressed.

Crawfordsville Rd interchange has changed; there is now a HUGE ramp leading from I-74 onto 465 N.  They are still working in that area; I'll see the finished product next year when I go up for the 500.

Thing got comical the closer I got to the kids' home.  I wanted to go 'wander' the route I used to take to St. Vincent's Hospital, and ME kept telling me where to turn, to go straight, etc.  I kept saying, "I know honey; I used to live here.'  Guess he was being overly helpful, in his eagerness to be home?

MDQ was in a sulk, because she didn't want to leave; wanted to stay with us longer.  And when that child isn't happy, she tries to make everyone around her miserable.  I only hope she changes her ways once she gets to middle school!

Mom's surgery went well; the doctor is highly optimistic.  We were finally able to see her around 6pm last night, and she was happy to see me.  Dad, having been up since 6am, dozed in the chair while she and I watched the Olympics.  Around 11, Dad and I went back to his hotel, and I finished watching the Men's Gymnastics (more on this in a moment).  I slept on the pull out couch, then had breakfast this morning and returned to the hospital.

What Happened?
The USA men fell apart!  Leading in the team competition, mistakes were made, and China took over.  And just when Great Britain thought they had the silver locked in, Japan lodged a protest about their final pommel horse competitor.  It looked as if he didn't complete the final handstand element, but after reviewing, the judges upped his score, giving Japan the silver.  GB had to settle for the bronze; US finished 5th behind the Ukraine, who were NOT happy at being knocked out of medal contention by Japan.

Tonight is the Women's Gymnastics final, so hope the women can keep it together to win a medal.

While Mom was in surgery, I began editing book #6, Searching For Love.  Made it well into Chapter 2; not sure if I'll edit or not, since Mom's got the Olympics on.

Currently Reading:
Began reading Jean Joachim's The Marriage List, and enjoying it!  Recommended Read so far:)

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