Monday, July 23, 2012

Life With The Grandkids

We kidnapped Miss Drama Queen and her brother Mr. Energy last week.  Took them to the pool on Tuesday and to see Ice Age, Continental Drift on Thursday.  Church on Sunday.

The phone rang on Sat.

"Since I had to take two weeks off for my surgery, finances are tight.  Can they stay for another week so I don't have to pay for a babysitter?  If not, I can see if my sitter will do it for less until I can catch up..."

So yes, they'll be here another week.

In some ways, I don't mind their presence.  They're older now (10 and 9) and can entertain themselves.  Plus, since they were here all last summer, they have friends in the neighborhood to play with.

It's the little things which bug me.

-Not picking up their towels/wet items after showers or at the pool
-Constantly wanting to hold the remote control to the TV (we finally got them to keep it one spot!)
-If one child gets something, they all have to have it.  IE:  Popcicles, pudding, chips.(I know; this is typical.  But multiply it by 4 or 5 kids and it gets annoying after a while!)
-Not putting their dirty laundry in the proper place.  I know for a fact I've only washed one pair of undies and one set of clothing last week.

At least they no longer wake up in the morning and ask where we're going!  That drove me CRAZY last summer!

"Summer time is for taking it easy; go outside and play; chill out!  And don't wear black when it's supposed to reach 100 degrees....we are NOT going to the park in this heat....and yes, Aunt Molly has a few errands which doesn't require your presence:)"

And I've been enjoying a nightly glass of chocolate wine to unwind after they go to bed.

I'll post pics of them sometime this week.  They've enjoyed holding Alexandria and helping with feeding her:)