Thursday, August 15, 2013

Colorado, Days 4 and 5:)

Mom and Dad relaxing by Fall River, outside their hotel room:)  (This was before altitude sickness hit my mom)

My sister, her kids, and I decided to hike around Lake Estes.  Here are R and D with me in front of the Big Horn Sheep statue at the entrance.

R and D decided to explore one of the hills, about a fourth of the way around the lake.

View of the lake and Estes Park from where we were above:)

Tues, we went to the Alluvial Fan in Rocky Mtn Nat'l Park.

Youngling, wearing his new cowboy hat and boots:)

Son K (black shirt) at the top of the Alluvial Fan, taking a picture of me as I'm taking a picture of him!

Later, we went up the switchbacks of Old Fall River Pass and ate lunch at the Alpine House (11,000 feet above sea level).  This is a view of a snow field outside the window.

Mon night, we ate at the Big Horn Restaurant

Tues night, we dined at the Grumpy Gringo, a Mexican restaurant

View of Beaver Meadows (I think!!), Rocky Mountain Nat'l Park

Tues morning, the spouse wanted biscuits and gravy for breakfast instead of doughnuts or waffles at the hotel.  So we went to The Egg and I:)

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