Friday, August 9, 2013

Flashback Friday

Currently Reading:  Finished Paradise Hops (Liz Crowe) and Plotting To Win (Tara Chevrestt) and OMG!  Go pick both of these up, esp PTW.  Definite Recommended Reads for both!  PH is probably now up near the top of my favorite Liz stories, and PTW is a hilarious look at what might happen if authors were given a reality show.  You will NOT be disappointed!  I also finished Tansy Taylor:  Paranorma PI (Kathy LaMee) and enjoyed the first half, plus the premise.  Was actually disappointed to find both spelling and punctuation errors.  Now I'm really enjoying Just Like Heaven by Barbara Bretton.  Already calling this one a Recommended Read, even though I'm only halfway through it.  The scenes between Mark and Kate are hysterical, and will have you laughing!

Aug 1983:
Neglected to mention:  In July 1983, I also developed a strange illness, brought on my my heavy schedule.  I was literally falling into bed every afternoon, sleeping for two hours before dinner and band practice.  I'd come home, grab a snack, and fall asleep again.  And when I began falling asleep in typing class, Mom finally took me to the doctor, who recommended I sit out one day and just sleep.

I didn't want to take a chance on having to take my Gov't final, since the teacher had said those with perfect attendance would be exempt.  And my three day absence while on the choir trip was justified and didn't count against me.  So Mom picked me up after Gov't, and I went home and slept.  It didn't quite cure me, but at least I was able to stay awake in typing class, and LOVED the day we were able to practice on the 'new' electric ones!

After returning from Florida, band picked up again as we finished tweaking our field show.  The heat intensified and rose into the 100s.  During one practice, I saw former b/f A lower his sousaphone and go to the sidelines.  After practice, I checked on him; my mom was monitoring his sugar level and keeping him hydrated.  A was still shaky, so I picked up his 50 lb sousaphone and tossed him my flag.  Together we walked up the hill and back to school, where he was grateful for my assistance.  Our friendship would never again be the same as it was the previous year, but at least he knew I still cared about him.

I also began to take more flack from the other senior girls when friend B showed up at practice again.  To tease B, I took a few underclassmen friends with me over to the tennis courts during a break and distracted HIM from practice.

That year, our 1st football game was held the Friday before school began.  And due to the heat, an extra long halftime would be held.

After our halftime show, I walked along the bleachers after getting a hot dog from the concession stand.  I heard 'Hey Molly!'  and looked up.  B's friend J was waving at me as he came down to the front.

"Hi J....have you seen my 'husband' anywhere?"

"He's working at the Custard tonight.  You guys looked great!"

"Thank you.  And someone needs to bring in the money while I'm out there entertaining the crowd!"

He threw back his head and laughed, then waved and returned to his seat.  I continued on to my seat and ate my hot dog, confident J would relate the conversation to B later.

I don't remember if we won the game or not, but B sought me out the 1st day of school, since our lockers were on the same floor and separated by a block of classrooms.  He was disappointed to learn I would only be at school for three hours; I would be teaching at Head Start from 9am-12, returning in time for my 5th and 6th hour classes.  He walked me downstairs to the HERO classroom, then caught up with me before I caught the bus afterward.  Our lunch breaks overlapped; I'd walk him to his locker before 5th period, then we'd alternate walking each other to our classes.  Final period, since I wasn't technically due outside for band practice until 2pm, we'd spend the entire 5 minute passing period together in the hallway.  I'd then duck into my mom's office, change my clothes, then grab my flag and head outdoors to warm up.

A week later, the buzz around school continued we were dating, even though we weren't.  And since we were now Seniors, and B was one of the Most Popular ones, the attention he received from the adoring sophomore girls went to his head.  I refused to feed his ego, and this led to a series of arguments between us.

Next Month:  Jealousy, tension, and senioritis.

Present Day:
I'm finally getting back to a normal routine after being on vacation.  Bear with me; I'll post the August Reading Schedule and the July Wrap Up next week.


Melissa Keir said...

All the joys and drama of high school love. I once was "dating" this guy who I later found out, took one of my notes to him, read it aloud at the local hangout and then threw it on the roof. Ouch! Never was the same again and learned to not put things in writing.

Molly Daniels said...

LOL....that happened to me in the 8th grade:)

And yes, as a soph, wrote B letters which fueled the rumor we were 'dating'. I worked up the nerve to ask him about ten years or so ago if he still had 'em, and was both surprised and appalled when he said yes! Told him to burn them, lol!