Wednesday, November 6, 2013

HDH #28

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Today you're getting a look at my NaNo project, a story which popped into my head ten years or so ago, after reading Mary Winters' Water Lust. 

The whine of the a/c sent a steady stream of cool air into the bedroom.  But for Tricia Alexander, the humidity had crept in, making sleep unbearable as she tossed and turned.  In her mind, a stranger coaxed her body with a feather-soft fingertip, stripping away her silken nightie.
            “Trish, you’re as beautiful as I knew you’d be….”  Wet warmth replaced his finger, drawing the nipple of one breast between his teeth, then laving it with his tongue.
            Tricia moaned and arched her back, wanting more.  Her mystery lover obliged, his hand playing with her other breast, coaxing the other nipple into a peak.  He drifted his lips down her torso, sending ripples of pleasure through her belly.

            “More….” She reached out for him.

This particular story is taking a strange turn; I'm hoping to have it ready for submission by January, if I get it finished this month.  Good luck and happy writing to all NaNo participants!


sue said...

who's the stranger and it's no dream methinks. I'm not doing nano this year since using last year's for the novel

Layna Pimentel said...

Such a teasing snippet. Great job!

Cathy Brockman said...

Very hot and intriguing. I'm doing nano too.

diannehartsock said...

Hmmmm...wish my dreams were as vivid! Nice hook. :)

havensrealm said...

Ooooh... hot snippet. Great hook!