Monday, November 4, 2013

November Reading and Karaoke Schedule

First of all, the End Of The Month Recap:
Books Read:  21
Print:  1
E-book:  20

Writing Goals Attained?  Not exactly....
Exercise Goal Attained?  Stayed with the 90 minutes per week; lost another two pounds, making the total 8 pounds lost!
Karaoke Update:   I've only added one 'E' title to my 'good song' list; Edge of 17 by Stevie Nicks.

November Reading Schedule:
Blue Skies-Robyn Carr  Excellent!
Big Girl-Danielle Steel  Not her best work
The Hanging of Betsey Reed-Rick Kelsheimer Interesting

His Witness to Evil-Autumn Jordan 
The Price of Defiance-Mahalia Levey Okay story; I think all the Spanish threw me off.
Soulbound-Mahalia Levey Good story
Love Slave For Two:  Family Matters-Tymber Dalton  Good
Bi-Curious-Jessica Collins
Stakin’ His Claim-Sandy Sullivan
Doctor Me Up-SS
The Bitch in the Kitchen-Paul Martin Excellent!  RR
Wyatt’s Guilt-Sara Daniels 
Loving Bliss-Regina Carlysle Smoking Hawt!

November Karaoke Songs:
Everything I Do-Bryan Adams Nailed this one Saturday night:)
Evergreen-Barbra Streisand Brain froze on melody halfway through song 1st time; will try again in 2 weeks.  Week #2:  Nailed it!
Everybody-Backstreet Boys Bleh....
Everybody Hurts-REM Didn't do too badly, but a depressing song for 'roke.
Every Time You Go Away-Paul Young  Ugh.  Too low.
Eye of The Tiger-Survivor Rocked the bar with this one:)
Faith of Heart-Rod Stewart Did well!  A keeper:)
Faithfully-Journey I'm soooooo glad this sounded good!
Fall To Pieces-Avril Lavign
Falling Out of Love-Reba McEntire
Fame-Irene Cara
Far Away-Nickelback

Writing Goals:
I'm taking part in NaNoWriMo again, and I'm working on Kenzie's alien-meets-human story.  So far my total word count has been around 3K.

Exercise/Health Goals:  I've maintained the same weight as last week, so I've got to quit snacking.  Hard when there's leftover Halloween Candy in the house.  I'm leaving it in the other room; if I have to climb over the baby gate twice, that makes me think 'how badly do I want this?'

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Melissa Keir said...

Those baby gates are good for something! :) I'm impressed with your reading schedule. I didn't read near your amount!