Thursday, November 7, 2013


Currently Reading:  Still on Blue Skies by Robyn Carr.  I also very much enjoyed Lust by Mike Wells, and was frustrated he left me hanging, so went over to Amazon and snapped up both sequels.  I'm also several chapters in to Tymber Dalton's Love Slave For Two:  Family Matters, though I want to smack Nevvie silly for her temper tantrums over legal issues.

Don't hate me; I'm beginning to enjoy this 3rd book.

Read Chapters 9-13 last night, and the only issues I'm having (with the exception of some continued over-used words) is the overprotectiveness C exhibits in Ch. 10.

Ch. 9:  C is going out of town and A mentions she's getting together with her friend K for a drinks after work.  He implores her to stay home, due to security reasons, so she compromises and says they'll have one drink, then return to the apartment.

Only she shows some spunk and they stay at the bar for several hours and 4 drinks.  At this point, I'm thinking Good for you! 

But all hell breaks loose when 1) she discovers she hasn't checked her phone and he's called and texted, sounding none too pleased; 2) she returns home to find her former boss has trashed the place and C's security team has him contained; 3) she awakens in the night to discover C has returned and is furious, and says he really wants to 'beat the shit out of her', which sparks fear

The next morning, she tries to make him less mad by joining him in the shower, but he rebuffs her efforts.  Now she's really feeling like a wayward child.  When she gets to work, her brain kicks into gear and she finds her backbone, saying it's a woman's perogative to change her mind, and that had he informed her of his reasons, instead of treating her like a child ala 'obey me w/o question', she might have stayed home.

Then, in Ch. 11, he takes her into the playroom and decides to use Orgasm Denial or whatever it's called.  She can't take it anymore and uses the Safe Word, which immediately throws him into contrition.  She admits he's not doing this out of love; he's out for revenge.

But after more arguing and confusion on her part, he makes love to her and allows her release in Ch. 12.  Then he whisks her and family and friends off to Aspen for the weekend.

Ch. 13 is strange, in that C's brother claims they're going fishing.  A and K go shopping, and A observes the brother and his ex-lover in town.  She wonders several times if she should tell K....then doesn't.  And later at the club, E proposes to K.

And that's where sleepiness took over.  More next week.

Tomorrow:  Thanksgiving 1983.


Sandy said...

Well, Molly, you may be getting into it, but I'm not. lol It sounds like the story is all over the place.

Marianne Stephens said...

Your version/commentary of "#3 book" makes me so-o-o glad I didn't waste time and money on buying these novels!

Melissa Keir said...

Thank you again for letting me know about these books. I don't have time to read about this much drama. I'm living it.

Molly Daniels said...

@Sandy: Caught me by surprise when I realized I was in Ch 10 and still turning pages, not marking all over it!

@Marianne: That's what I tell people who are curious about it. "Don't read it; read my blog about it!" ROFL:)

@Melissa: I hear ya!