Friday, January 10, 2014

Flashback Friday: Confusion Over Schedule

Jan 1984:
My schedule changed.
1st:  H.E.R.O (Home Economics Related Occupations)
2nd:  Sr English Comp
3rd-5th:  Head Start
6th:  Band/Independent Study.

The first day back, I dutifully climbed on the bus after English and rode downtown to Head Start.  At 1:15, I helped get the kids ready for departure, then hopped my own bus back to school.  My band director was frustrated by the inflexibility in my schedule; he'd wanted to place me in Symphonic Band, our top concert one.  But since it met 2nd period, and my English class was only offered at that time, I was stuck.  So while I was back in the 'Beginning Band' class, Mr. M gave me my own music and sent me off to study by myself, coming back toward the end of class to hear what I'd accomplished.

Day #2, my brain short-circuited.  I was in the middle of helping clean up after lunch when I saw I had about 5 minutes til the 12:15 bus arrived, so I panicked and scampered out of there, realizing my mistake only after returning to school.  The next day, I arrived at work with an apology on my lips, but was met with my disappointed supervisor, who took me to task for my lapse.  I don't even remember if I explained the brain fart or not.

Next Month:  Having my writing ability challenged.

Present Day:
I've suffered an attack of the flu or a severe cold the last several days, so I think I'll be skipping karaoke tomorrow.  Esp since on Sunday at the 11am service, I have to declare my intention to join the Church, and want to look and smell nice, instead of stale smoke.

Looking Ahead To Next Week:
Kenzie and I have been chosen to be the Featured Author Of The Week over at the SCP blog:)  I'll be writing blog posts this weekend, since I have 8 spots next week.  So see you Monday!

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