Thursday, January 30, 2014

Reading Catch Up and Good News!

Yes, I know; I've been a bad blogger.  In my defense, I've been taking care of my granddaughter while her mommy sleeps (she works the overnight shift), and just sent off my laptop for repairs.  So my reading time has been limited, due to the Kindle having issues with the charger, and now my Youngling has discovered the daughter put NetFlix pm it.  When I do get to read, I'm usually too tired to read more than a chapter or two.  But I DID manage to finish my 1st e-book of the year!

Currently Reading:  Go here for the list of print books I read this past month.  The one I'm going to tell you about is the last one on the list.  I'll try not to give away any spoilers.  First of all, since I've read the first four in the series, this didn't contain any spoilers for me, and I will keep reading.  Secondly, the emotions in this book are so intense and raw, I had to keep putting it down.  I cried over the death of two characters, and wanted to smack nearly everyone upside the head for codependency, hard headedness, selfishness, and in the case of the teenagers, remind them of the whole wide world of other guys out there.  You don't have to stay with familiar ones, esp when you question their sexuality or they give you a nasty disease due to unfaithfulness.  And that was another issue:  Are today's teens that sexually active?  I know 30 years ago of a LOT of sex going on with my classmates.  Some became parents; others were more lucky.  Can I read a contemporary book where the kids are NOT active?  And the parents were soooooo self absorbed!  Geez!  Give me a break!  And avoiding the issue is NOT going to make it go away!  Get some counseling for god's sake!

Finished reading Over You and again, I wanted to smack the heroine for her childish behavior.  All she had to do was quit it with the assumptions and jealousy!  How old is she again?  I admit, I acted this way in my early 20's, but still, by the 3rd meeting, I'd have heard him out.  Still, over all the story was good.

Getting ready to dive into Held, which will be my 1st New Adult book to read.  I could not finish the 2nd book on my list; I realized I was skimming halfway through the 1st chapter and wasn't invested in the characters.

Endless Love was voted Best YA/NA Runner Up in the LRC Reader's Choice Awards last week!  I'm going to see if Office Max can make me up some stickers, so I can put these on my cover flats and bookmarks.  Thank you sooooo much if you voted for me!

SCP was voted Best Publisher, and other friends took top honors.  I don't expect to be nominated again for a while, so this was truly an honor.

Karaoke Update:
The weather cooperated last Sat, so was able to finally go!
Forever In Blue Jeans:  Too low, but I've always loved this song!
Fox on the Run:  Eh....why do I always sound better with YouTube in the background?  ROFL!
I Will Be:  Not bad; couldn't hit the high note, due to recovering from flu
Suds in the Bucket:  Voice was croaky by this time; will try again!
Separate Ways/Worlds Apart:  Someone had mixed up the microphones, so no one could hear me during 1st verse!  Still, nailed it!

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