Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I've Been Nominated!!!

Last Thursday evening, I decided to check my mail 'one more time' before bed.  I noticed Dawn had sent out the list of nominees, but I also had a few older digest posts to read.   I cleaned out the trash, then began reading the digests, saving the nominee lists for last.  I've never been nominated, but I like to cheer on my friends who do get nominated year after year.

Imagine my shock when I opened the first digest and saw a huge 'Congratulations Molly!' post!  I nearly fell out of my chair as I clicked the link and read the message.  I'd been nominated?  I'd been nominated!!  I sat there in shock.

My spouse walked in and asked what I was doing.  I showed it to him, and he patted me on the back.  That prompted me to give myself a shake, click the link to join the chat, and said 'Thank you' to everyone who had congratulated me.  I also congratulated the other nominees, then went back and finished reading my mail, taking note of when the voting began, ended, and when I could start promoting it.

I'm still in shock from FB friends who want to know how to vote for me:)  I've told at least three, and even voted for myself this morning.

I have no idea who the others in my category are (Best NA/YA), but if I can at least get to the Honorable Mention, I'll be thrilled:)  (Runner up would be even better; I get another button!  But let's be realistic here!)

Which book was nominated?  Book #5, Endless Love.

Caitlyn McCarty plans to marry her high school sweetheart, Bryan Johnson, and teach elementary school after graduating from Arbor University.  But after Bryan's life turns upside down with an unexpected turn of events, Caty begins to question her goals and every decision she’s ever made.

Peter Criswell fell for green-eyed, opinionated Caitlyn when he first met her.  However, her determination to hold onto a dream frustrates him.  Sometimes you meet the right person at the wrong time, and falling for a woman who’s caught between her parents’ wants versus her own desires isn’t always easy.

When the foundation of Bryan Johnson’s relationship with Caitlyn is tested not once, but twice, he faces the possibility of losing the only girl he’s loved since high school.  When Caty does make up her mind, will she stand by her man or run into the arms of another?

“It can wait. Go back to bed.” 

 “No, talk to me. The last time you couldn't sleep was last March. Do you have to testify?” 

 Damn she's perceptive. And persistent. “Cait,” he sighed. “Are you sure you want this now?” 

 “I love you, Bry, and whatever it is, you can tell me.” 

 Bryan swallowed hard, then felt her hand slide into his.  He squeezed her fingers.   “I don't want to hurt you, ever, Caitlyn, but this is going to kill you.” 

 “What is it?” She looked and sounded alarmed.

 Bryan pulled his hand from hers and raked his fingers through his hair. “You remember me telling you about the girl I dated my first year?” Caty nodded. “Well, it turns out she was at the same party I was the weekend after you left, and,” he swallowed, “she’s pregnant, claims I'm the father.” 

 Caty went pale. “What? Bry... No! No! You can’t be...can you? No!” She jumped up and went to the window. “Tell me there's no way,” she pleaded, spinning around to face him.

 “Cait, I woke up, she was there. I don't know how or why, but...” Bryan swung his legs over the edge of the couch and leaned forward, elbows on knees.

 “Noooo,” Caty wailed, fisting her hands in her hair. “It’s a mistake. It’s got to be a mistake.” Her voice fell to a whisper as she sank into a chair. “Bryan...” Tears coursed down her cheeks.

 “I'm sorry. I am so sorry.” There were tears in his eyes as well. He tried to kneel at her feet, to hold her hands, but she pulled away.

 “How could you? How could you let me make you dinner and...and make love to me? God, do you know how that makes me feel right now? You don't remember?” Caty got up and found the box of Kleenex. “How could you?” 

 Her sudden anger caught him off guard. “I...I don't know. I just don't know.” He returned to the couch. “If I could remember, I would. But honestly, Cait, I don't remember her being there, I don't remember screwing her, and I don't know how she even got in my bed.” 

 “Oh, God... in your bed? Our bed? I'm going to be sick.” Caty sat down and put her head between her knees. 

 Bryan felt helpless. I don’t know what to say. I don’t want this to be any worse. After a while, Caty raised her tearstained face. “You say she claims, do you think she's lying?” 

 “Cait, she lied while she and I were going out. I think she is. The baby's due next spring, and there's going to be a paternity test to see if what she claims is true.” 

 “Is this going to interfere with your probation?” she asked.

 “No, getting girls pregnant isn't a crime.” He tried to make a joke. “Just not remembering.”

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Great news, Molly. I'll go vote!