Friday, January 31, 2014

Flashback Friday: Movie Hour!

Jan 2004:
With swollen ankles and my doctor ordering me to take it easy, I happily turned all housework over to the spouse and kids.  I initiated 'Movie Hour' every day after lunch; I'd elevate my feet and watch my VHS Disney movies in reverse order.  I discovered I'd never seen the opening sequence of Pocohantis, Mulan, or Little Mermaid!  I also enjoyed Jumbo.

Doctor continued to be pleased with my health, once I told her I was officially off my feet.  With the baby due in two months and money tight, I wondered if we were ever going to get a crib or even the baby's room set up.

Present Day:
This week has been stressful, trying to do my job at the desk and having to shut off the computer every time I get up, to keep Alex from 'helping'.  Thinking I'll look into getting her on the waiting list for Head Start when she's 3 or 4!  One or two more or two more years.....

Or even better, maybe we'll finally MOVE to a house where I can have an office again?

Karaoke Songs for Tomorrow:
Foolish Games
Suds in the Bucket
Friday I'm In Love
From This Moment

I can't stay out too late; I'm singing at the 8am service on Monday.  But if there aren't a lot of singers at 10, maybe I'll get through my list?

Have a nice day and I'll be back tomorrow with the end of the month recap and new reading list.

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