Friday, March 27, 2015

Flashback Friday

March 2005:
The spouse had been called out of town on a road paving job and was gone for the youngling's 1st birthday.  I invited his godparents over, and baked cupcakes.

He destroyed his cupcake and laughed while we took his picture, and played with his new push toys.

Next Month:  Connor Prairie and The Difference Between Boys and Girls

March Madness Update:
Thurs:Kentucky won against W. Virginia in a blowout (yay!)
Notre Dame knocked off Wichita St (whoo hoo!)
 UNC fell to Wisconsin
Xavier fought well against Arizona, but stumbled in the last 5 minutes and lost by 8.

Louisville won against NC State
Michigan St held off Utah in a close game to win!
Duke started off slow, not scoring until 4 minutes had passed in the game, but defeated Utah:)
Gonzaga fought well against UCLA, getting things together in the last half to come up on top:)

I'm still in Lafayette, helping out my parents and seeing friends.  Today I'm getting my hair cut and a pedicure.

Weekend Picks:
Notre Dame gave Kentucky a run for their money; with 6 seconds left, they fouled ND and made 2 free throws.  ND tried to make a last second shot, but were unsuccessful.  Kentucky wins 68-66.
Wisconsin killed Arizona; they hit most of their 3 pointers.
Gonzaga (Duke)

Tomorrow's Karaoke Songs:
I Miss You-Klymaxx
Babe-Styx (batteries died after 1st verse last week)
I Need You-Leanne Rimes
I Need To Know-Marc Antony

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