Friday, June 19, 2015

Flashback Friday: False Rumors....

June 1995:
My final day at the restaurant was approaching, since the spouse had returned to work, and wasn't happy with me continuing to work weekends.  One Tuesday, I walked in for lunch and to collect my paycheck, when the grill cook, whom I'd driven home one evening, called me over.

"Did you know there's a rumor about us having an affair?"

"Seriously?  Are we having fun?"

"I am."

"Well then, so am I!"  We decided to enjoy our false status, and even our manager got in on the fun.  I decided to go home and give D a head's up, so he wouldn't think the rumor was true, but I underestimated his sense of humor.  He was NOT amused, which brought even more tension between us.

Warning:  Disturbing joke content ahead.

One evening, our manager was sitting in a booth with R and asked me, "When are you two going to start a family?"

I grinned.  "Didn't we do that last night?"

R snapped his fingers.  "That's right, we did!"

I rubbed my midsection.  "I woke up feeling queasy this morning."  I walked on, leaving the two of them laughing hysterically.

Did I mention our uniforms were teal shirts and khaki slacks?  Later that evening, I was carrying a tray of open ketchup bottles and had just entered the kitchen.  One of the bottles tipped, sending ketchup all down the front of my pants.

My sense of humor kicked in.  I hollered for R, who poked his head out from behind the Hobart.

"Bad news....we just miscarried!"

"Oh that's SICK!!!"  He was laughing so hard, he had to stop what he was doing!

My final day was Father's Day, and even though this story is twenty years old, my spouse still to this day thinks R and I had a brief fling.  I even questioned him about it:

"If I was going to have an affair, do you seriously think I'd come home and TELL you about it?"

"Yes, just to throw me off the track."

O. M. G.  I knew we had serious trust issues.

In other happy news from June 1995, my grandmother's estate was settled and I was now the recipient of my grandmother's 4-door Chevy Celebrity, since we were driving a 2-door Ford Escort.  K had graduated to the 'Big Seat' while 11-month-old S was now in the forward-facing car seat.

Next Month:  My baby girl turns ONE!

Present Day:
I went to karaoke last night and sang the following songs:
If I Could Turn Back Time (Cher)
Telephone Man (Meri Wilson)
Stop Draggin' My Heart Around (T. Petty/S. Nicks)
Rock of Ages (Def Leppard)

I attributed the camera shutting off during the duet, because someone chose to stand in front of it while we were singing.  But it shut off twice during ROA, and I realized it was the batteries!

Today, I'm doing laundry and hopefully writing.  Last week, I'd written close to 6K while at Mom's, and I've barely hit the 1K mark this entire week.  I did 750 on Wednesday, but zero yesterday, due to my ENT appointment, and about 200 on Tuesday.

Health:  I still have fluid in my right ear, so the ENT doc wants me to pop my ears ten times a day by holding my nose and blowing (shudder).  If there's still fluid in August, then I'll be scheduled for another tube insertion.  I wish they could knock me unconscious for it!!!!

SaLie Update:  Word Count has reached the 44K mark (I may be higher).  I can 'see' the just have to GET there!

IF I can go to karaoke tomorrow, the following songs will be sung:
I Was Made For Loving You-Kiss
Breakaway (Kelly Clarkson)
I Will Always Love You (Dolly Parton)
I Will Follow Him (Peggy March)

Happy Father's Day Weekend!!!

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