Thursday, June 4, 2015

"Who Wants To Write A Book?" Vs "All Right Class, I Want You To Write A Story..."

Year:  1974
Where:  Molly's 2nd Grade Classroom

Our teacher either divided us into groups or we chose the project; I'm not exactly for sure, but somehow, I ended up in the Book Writing group (go figure, huh?)  I'd like to say our group brainstormed and wrote the brilliant All-American Novel and we were all published at the tender age of 8, but that didn't happen.

Here's what did.

"Okay...what sort of story would you like to write?"

*crickets chirping*

"Can we write about cowboys/superheroes/good guys chasing after bad guys?"  (From one of the boys.)

"Sure.  How shall we start?"

"Once upon a time..."  (giggles)

"That's a very good way to start."  Teacher writes that down.

Ideas get thrown at him; some make it.  Halfway through, we have a hero embarking on some sort of epic journey, and I'm already mad because one of the boys keeps trying to work the word 'respect' into every sentence.  Having discovered the word 'embarrassed', but not knowing exactly how it's used, Molly raises her hand when the hero needs an action.

"Can he be embarrassed?"

"What for?"  Teacher explains the meaning and Molly realizes it will NOT fit in the context.  She goes back to listening to the others.

I don't know whatever happened to that story, or if it even was ever finished!  One of the other groups made a Star Trek movie; I remember watching it and wondering why one of the girls from our group was in the movie!

Fast-Forward to 1976:
Molly's 5th Grade Classroom

Our student teacher announces he wants us to write a story.  He's going to put on a record and we're to write whatever pops into our head.  I panic, until I hear the music.  It has sort of an outer-space feel to it.  Since I'd seen the movie Logan's Run with my dad, and hadn't fully understood it, I decide to write my version.  In fact, I even titled it 'Logan's Run', but ended up describing a futuristic society, and having no concept of the fact the people were not 'ascending', but were actually dying!

I still have that story somewhere....I think....

Later that year, I would go on to write my 1st Tall Tale, my first fairy tale, and other short stories.  I learned I was better at writing down stories than trying to talk through them!

What about you?  Do you remember the first time you wrote something creative?

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