Friday, June 12, 2015

Flashback Friday: Working For My Mom

June 1985:
Brief recap:  I'd returned home after my 1st year at college and my ex-HS b/f expressed interest in me again, and to correct the mistakes we'd made.  Unfortunately, he hadn't changed, and was dating two others beside me.

My mom went to Band Camp, and with my father at work and my sister a junior counselor at a Youth Camp in northern Indiana, I saw a chance for K and I to enjoy ourselves.  We made plans, and I was looking forward to seeing him, when disaster struck.  I received a phone call from our associate pastor at church one afternoon, and he spoke to my father at length.  Afterward, Dad took me to Nobel Roman's Pizza for dinner and over pizza, revealed the details of the call.  K's mother had called him, expressing concerns about me.

I was devastated, extremely angry, and it threw me into a mild depression.  I'd trusted him a 6th time....hadn't I learned my lesson?  I spent the rest of the week trying to take my mind off it, and when Mom returned, she 'hired' me to help her clean out her office and do some paperwork for her, which included updating all the Health Info cards with students' immunizations, by hand!  Yeah, no computers in her office.  I also had to file all of the senior medical files in the school office, and wasn't allowed to take my radio in there. Needless to say, I hurried through that job, since Mom didn't object to me dragging my jam box and a case of cassette tapes with me every morning.  I'd carefully copy the information onto the cards while singing along to Wham, Madonna, Sheena Easton, Styx, and Journey:)

To my surprise, BFF BC was also working at the school, doing maintenance.  He would come down at least once a day and speak to me, and we'd joke around until one of us had to return to work.

I'm still concerned about him, as one of his jobs was to remove the asbestos, and I don't think special breathing filters were used back then.  Hoping and praying he doesn't fall victim to mesothelioma...

Next Month:  Meeting my new cousins, tragedy, and Florida.

Present Day:
I'm taking my 'mini-vacation' at my mom's, and restarting The Great Declutter Project of 2015.  So far I've dusted the living room, put away the DVDs by the TV, and discussed what else we'll do between now and Monday.  I didn't get any work done yesterday, since I was at a friend's mother's funeral.  I DID knock out 1700 words on SaLie's story, so it was a good writing day:)

Just found out there's no karaoke tonight, like I thought, but I'll be able to go tomorrow night and sing my Miranda Lambert tribute OR other songs.  I've not really decided, so it will be some combination of these songs:

Famous in a Small Town
Gunpowder and Lead
Heart Like Mine
Baby I Lied
Voices That Care
Edge of 17

Have a good weekend!

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