Monday, June 1, 2015

June Reading Schedule and May Recap

Did I meet May's Goals?
-Add 10K to SaLie's Story (or even finish it)  It's at 37,927, so I think I added 10K...
-Get Youngling through his classwork  He still has a few Math lessons.
-Promote more
-Start gathering promo for Sept (print books, promo booklets, etc)
-Attend Indy 500 Check:)
-Write 10K on Heart Song Didn't work on it.

Books Read:  8
Kindle was located on one of our kitchen cabinets, under the Ziplock baggies:)

I've started walking again, and have lost two pounds.  My ear infection from the end of April caused further damage to my hearing (maybe), and after an issue with vertigo, a CAT scan revealed I still have fluid behind my ear drum and mastoid bone, so more antibiotics were prescribed, as well as a referral to the ENT doctor later this month.  Also coming up is lab work, mammogram, and regular physical.

I've been promoted to Cantor at church, and 1st service went well, with me leading everything but the Responsorial Psalm and Allelujua.

Songs Added To Karaoke Good List:  6.
The majority were too low, but went to Thursday Night, who had Never Been To Me (Charlene) and Bleeding Love (Leona Lewis), and I did well.  I also went to the Outpost up in Lafayette and sang Automatic (Miranda Lambert) and nailed it:)

June Goals:
-Finish SaLie's Story/proof it/turn it in
-Add words to Heart Song
-Start Prayer Journal
-Get my health under control
-'Graduate' to full Cantor
-Buy promo items
-Finish watching final season of Frasier; begin watching Coach.

June Reading Schedule:
Print Books:
Doctor Me Up-Sandy Sullivan RR!  Very enjoyable:)
Makeovers Can Be Murder- Kathryn Lilley  Pretty good.
Wild Horses-Linda Byler
Dark Curse-Christine Feehan DNF
Seize The Night-Sherrilyn Kenyon Good story, but no desire to read others, unless donated to me.
Dying In Style-Elaine Viets Enjoyable!
Murder She Wrote-Jessica Fletcher  Really enjoyed this!  RR
For A Few Demons More-Kim Harrison DNF

Love Garage-Liz Crowe Very good!
Confessions of a Prayer Slacker-Diane Moody Excellent!
Stephan-Hazel Gower (sample)  Eh, so-so.
Lighting Strikes-Beverly Ovalle (sample) Now I want to buy the whole thing!!

Karaoke Songs:
I Want You To Want Me-Cheap Trick So-so.  Think it's too low.
I Was Made For Lovin' You-Kiss Only part sounding good was the chorus...
I Will Always Love You-Dolly Parton/Vince Gill  Did well:)  Think I'll try the Whitney Houston version....
I Will Follow Him-Little Peggy March Not bad....

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