Friday, July 3, 2015

Friday Flashback: 4th of July!

July 1975:
We spent the 4th up at Lake Schaffer with Mom's BFF, Kathy Tandy Groustra and her family.  Peter, Tim, Vicki, Wendy, and I began an all day Cops-n-Robbers game, which was part hide-n-seek, part C-n-R, since Peter and I were the robbers, and had to hide from the others.  I remember hiding out in the shed and holding my breath when Tim opened the door and looked around, but didn't see me on the tool bench,

We also took a speedboat ride up and down the lake, then passed Indiana Beach.  I pouted; I wanted to stay the night and go to IB the next day, but Mom said no.

After dinner, we sat on the dock while Peter's dad set off firecrackers.  I can still picture the Roman Candles going off over the water:)  (This is where I got the idea for the opening scene for Caty and Bryan's story, lol!)

Next Month:  Anticipating 4th grade:)

Present Day:
Today is my daughter's 21st birthday!  We're starting off with a family dinner at the restaurant of her choice (Applebee's), then I'll be the designated driver for a night on the town.  I'm hoping to take her to at least two karaoke bars, so I can sing some more!

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