Friday, July 24, 2015

Flashback Friday: Protective Dog and A Phrase I HATE!

Where did  last week go?  I totally missed TBT and Friday....

July 1995:
My sweet baby girl turned one year old:)  We went to my inlaws for the weekend, sort of a 'do-over' of what had been planned the year before, ha ha!  We ended up  taking Hercules, the dog we were watching for the weekend.

We arrived at the farm and Herc, a white American Eskimo, jumped out of the car and right into a pile of muck.  He enjoyed running around with  the other dogs, with the exception of Old Bo, one of the many hounds.

Old Bo decided it was his duty to protect the youngest member of the family, who was not yet walking, as she made her way up and down the walkway from porch to driveway.  Every time he thought she was a little too close to the gravel drive, he'd haul himself to his feet and lay down in front of her, so she'd have to turn around and go back. Then, satisfied she was safe, he'd return to his spot by the steps, so she wouldn't try to climb up:)

Later that day, S took her first steps at Grandma's, and even gave her father a mini-heart attack! She'd crawled up on the porch railing and after going nose-to-nose with Daddy, she sat down and watched him.  Suddenly, she threw open her arms and bailed off, ala 'Catch me, Dad!' Fortunately, he did catch her, and I was ready with the camera.  The look on his face is priceless!

She'd  also developed a cheesy grin for the camera, and enjoyed her birthday cake and ice cream.

Next Month:  Fun at the new downtown mall

July 2005:
We celebrated S's 10th birthday with a few of her friends and going to see the fireworks in town.  A and J's mom moved to a new house in Terre Haute, and began selling Pre-Paid Law, earning a $1000 bonus in her first three weeks.  She tried to get me to do it, saying, 'This will give you something to do during the day...', which pissed me off.  Didn't I already have enough?

My duties during the day included:
-taking care of a 16-m/o
-keeping up with the housework
-managing the household while the spouse worked 15+ hours a day.

What the hell did she think I DID all day?  It certainly was NOT watching TV all day long!

Next Month:  Back to school with an 8th and 4th grader:)

Present Day:
My sister and her family are visiting from Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada, so the youngling and I will be spending the weekend with them.  We plan to go to Chicago to the Science and Industry Museum on Sunday, then dinner at Giorgino's Pizza.

Went to my last karaoke night at Old Towne, since the DJ  I've gotten to know was let go in a  rather shitty manner.  The place was dead last night, and was not that impressed with the new KJ, but still had a good time. Sang the following songs:

I'd Do Anything For Love  Not bad; at least this one included the girl's part, even though  I'd written it down!
2 Black Cadillacs  Better:)
I Remember You  Nailed it!
I'd Lie For You And That's The Truth  KJ downloaded it, but no words appeared onscreen.  Good thing I know some of the words!  Enjoyed singing it.
I Will Be  Nailed it:)
Broken  I was heading out when KJ began singing it.  I volunteered to be his 'Amy', and we did well:)

                  Have a safe and happy weekend!


BC Brown said...

"Since I know you're not doing anything tomorrow while you're at home with the kids..."
"Must be nice to get to sleep in all day and do nothing."
"Just what did you do all day today anyway?"

Those. Those are things I will never say to anyone. But especially not to a domestic engineer. Let's face it. I have asthma and can't run fast enough. lol

Molly Daniels said...