Thursday, July 9, 2015

My Dream Office

You've seen the Beast's library, right?  I'd love to set up my desk, computer,printer, etc, in the center of this space, and have all my books displayed, including space for all future books.

If that's a little too grand, then go back to last week's post  and check out the first picture.  I'd also love to have a door where I can post a sign, 'Do Not Disturb Unless Fire, Broken Bones, or Life Threatening Issue.'

Yes, I dearly miss the days when I'd send the kids off to school, pour myself a cup of coffee, then disappear into my office until lunch time.

Unlike other moms, I look forward to the empty nest.  I guess I'm truly a loner at heart, though I do enjoy getting together with friends and sharing a meal, watching a movie, or singing karaoke!

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